How To Be A Nice Blogger


The internet is full of blog posts on how to be a “good blogger”. How to perfect SEO; how to maximise your reach; how to use social media to introduce your blog to more people. There are a few posts about how to be a nice blogger – but, if the current state of the blogging community is anything to go by, the message just isn’t getting through.

At times, I love the blogging community. I love the appreciation and love shown during awards season – bloggers nominating each other for fantastic accolades; supporting each other and asking people to vote for their blogging buddies (I can’t let this opportunity pass without doing the same; please vote for the fantastic Beauty, Baby and Me in the MAD Blog Awards!)

With that said, on the occasions I have considered throwing in the towel with my blog, certain parts of the blogging community have been the driving force behind that. I love writing my blog. I’ve been writing it for two and a half years now, even if I’ve only really been making a concerted effort to put it out there since September. In that time I’ve joined Facebook groups, signed up to linkies, joined in with Twitter chats, and found such a fantastic community that I feel so lucky to be a part of… most of the time.

Rather than focus on the negatives, however, I’m going to turn it into a positive. Here’s my list of top tips to be a nice blogger.

  1. Remember that blogging isn’t a competition. Yes, there are blogging awards, but these are about rewarding excellence. It’s not saying “These are the only blogs worth reading and if you’re not on the list, you shouldn’t bother”. Blogging awards season tends to breed a lot of contempt, especially when bloggers start canvassing their “real-life” friends and family for support. Practice your “Leonardo DiCaprio at every Oscars except the last one” face, show your support for your fellow bloggers, and tell yourself that next year is your year.
  2. If you join a linky, play by the rules. There’s nothing worse than a blogger who joins a linky, gets loads of comments – and then buggers off into the ether, never to be seen again. If you join up to a linky, follow the rules. If it says comment on one post, comment on at least one. If it says comment on four, comment on at least four. If it says comment on every single post, then you jolly well should comment on every single post. No-one is forcing you to link up – if you’re doing it of your own free will, you need to follow the rules like everyone else. If you want to be a Super Nice Blogger, try to comment on double the amount of posts the host asks you to – or even more!
  3. Don’t disparage other bloggers. I used to be guilty of this – not outright, but I’d often say “Oh no, I’m not one of those bloggers, doing it for all the free stuff”. Some people use blogging to pay the bills, and that’s fine. Some people don’t do any reviews, and that’s fine too. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle; blogging mostly about our life, but with some reviews and opportunities thrown in. No-one is “doing it wrong” – there’s no such thing when it comes to blogging.
  4. Don’t exclude other bloggers. The blogging community is mostly very inclusive, but there are some definite cliques, and if your face doesn’t fit, you’re not getting in. Having blogging friendships is great – I feel very lucky to count some lovely bloggers among my friends – but when you start treating people outside your clique like they’re not worth your time, that’s when it’s all gone a little bit playground.
  5. Don’t copy other blogs. This is a MAJOR no-no. This doesn’t just make you a not-very-nice blogger – it makes you a Really Really Bad blogger. Every person has their own unique voice and their own story to tell – why would you steal someone else’s?
  6. Don’t be quick to accuse others of copying your blog. So you’ve done a post about How To Be A Nice Blogger. And you’re just cruising the blogosphere, and you see that I’ve written a post called How To Be A Nice Blogger. I understand that your immediate reaction would be “CALL THE INTERNET POLICE! SOMEONE STOLE MY BLOG!”, but slow your ropes there. Lots of us will have similar experiences, and will blog about those experiences. It doesn’t mean they’ve copied you. It doesn’t mean they’ll steal all your readers. Your readers love you for what makes you unique – if someone really has copied your blog post, people will see them for the copycat they are. If they haven’t copied you, and you accuse them, you’ll be left with egg on your face.
  7. Nobody likes an Unfollower. There’s something exciting about watching your social media following grow. It extends your reach and expands your blogging community. It’s polite, when a blogger follows you, to follow them back and check out their blog. If a blogger follows me, I will follow them back and try my best to interact with them. So it’s so irritating when I go through my “Followed” list, and see that bloggers have followed me, waited for me to follow back – and then unfollowed. It seems to be all about making sure their Followers outnumber their Following – but let’s be perfectly honest, it’s just sad. The most shocking thing? Some of the biggest names in the UK parenting blogging community are very guilty of this.


So there we are. It’s not difficult. It’s not rocket science. Really, it’s just basic common sense and being a nice person. Most bloggers are lovely, and already fall into the bracket of Very Nice Blogger – but the blogging community definitely has a mean side, and it ruins the enjoyment for everyone else.

So, newbie bloggers – or anyone who’s recognised some not-so-nice blogging traits in themselves – follow these tips, and you’ll find yourself a part of a lovely blogging community in no time!


29 thoughts on “How To Be A Nice Blogger

  1. Thirtysomethingbelle says:

    You’ve summed this up perfectly. I’m a relative ‘newbie’ in the blogging, having only started my little venture just 12 months ago. I have experienced the good – and bad – sides of the blogging community but even though I’m a bit on a lone wolf, having managed to interact with some truly ace people and even formed some real friendships along the way! Lisa x


  2. amiecaitlin says:

    Yes to the unfollowers!! Enough of this horrid trend!! Really, really bothers me that some people think this deceptive way of boosting their own follower count is acceptable. Just everything that is unfortunately wrong with blogging in one bullet point right there!


  3. occupation:(m)other says:

    Such a good post….never in doubt coming from such a nice blogger such as yourself! But seriously, I was nodding along at every single point. I did find it interesting what you were saying about the awards though, I’ve noticed the opposite with blogging buddies though…they are encouraging, urging, pushing me to tell my ‘real life’ friends and family…hmm, maybe the clue is in the name though, they are my blogging ‘buddies’, who knows (or cares!? Ok I do) what anyone else thinks. And the point about originality of posts also really resonates… copying is plain wrong but yes we blog in a small community and we are sharing experiences, it’s only natural that we are sometimes going to write about similar things. Galling yes? But when it’s not deliberate I think you’ve just got to shrug and connect…chances are that blogger is on the same page as you and you might get on quite well! #KCACOLS


    • The Speed Bump says:

      I’m really glad to hear you’ve had a positive experience with being encouraged to get friends and family to vote for you! On the most part blogging buddies are great and really supportive – it’s only a rare few I’ve seen who are saying that people getting friends and family to vote for them are “cheating”, thankfully. Best of luck in the awards! Thanks for stopping by x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Rebecca | AAUBlog says:

    this is great advice! I have come to not get too wound up about ‘award seasons’ because at the end of the day it godson to votes. I’m not a ‘big’ bloggers so shouldn’t get bothered when I’m not nominated. Or so I tell myself haha #KCACOLS


  5. arthurwears says:

    I couldn’t agree with this more – although I have to say re the ‘unfollowing’ I have unfollowed other bloggers on Twitter, not just because they don’t follow me back, but because they also don’t interact or respond and I like to make sure that I am following bloggers who are as you say, being nice bloggers by being inclusive and not just joining in my conversation but also allowing me to join in with their’s….I personally will always follow back other bloggers and will interact if can if they appear on my feed – I’m sure many don’t just because of the nature of Twitter and how easy it is to miss posts – another reason to make sure you are following others within a community who are supportive and friendly 🙂



  6. reimerandruby says:

    Great list and I totally agree to all of this… I do hate it when you start following people and after a few days they’ll unfollow you, I don’t understand what’s the point in that. Anyway, lovely advice here especially for new bloggers and old bloggers alike. Lovely post! #KCACOLS.


  7. justsayingmum says:

    well said – I’ve witnessed some of this behaviour too sadly but thankfully it is the minority as most seem so super friendly – there will always be some – I try to be empathic and tell myself that we don’t really know what goes on in everyone’s life and that they may have had a bad week – we all do from time to time but mostly people seem genuine which is a relief! #KCACOLS


  8. nsalama1 says:

    All of these make a lot of sense. I try as much as possible to be helpful, nice and positive. I think we all should and that’s part of community side of blogging. Scheduling to share on twitter to spread the word 🙂 #KCACOLS

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project


  9. ljdove23 says:

    Great list and I would like to think that I do all of these things, although I am very guilty sometimes of not having the time to read and comment as often as I would like. I love to share the blog love though, I think we as a community are so supportive and encouraging and it makes me want to be a better blogger, and a nicer one too. #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Kat says:

    These are some great tips and something that should be shared more! A blogger should always read and comment on other blogs, for example 🙂 But seriously, I think to perfect your voice and write your blog well you need to read blogs, keep up to date with the latest things…there’s so much more to blogging and being involved in the community than just posting a link and pressing publish! #kcacols


  11. tinboxtraveller says:

    The copying thing is really difficult. How do you really know unless someone owns up to it? The way I see it is that we all have ideas and sometimes they will be the same, especially in the parent blogging game. I’m forever coming up with ideas for posts and then reading exactly the same thing on someone else’s blog. I usually wait a while and change my idea around a bit rather than waste what I might have already written. Copying pretty much word for word is a massive no-no though! And unfollowers?! What on earth is the point?! #KCACOLS


  12. KG says:

    This is such a great post. I’m very much at the stage of feeling like I’m just never going to be part of ‘the club’, questioning what the hell I’m doing, and being exposed to the mean/competitive side of the blogging world this week, so I needed to read it. Thank you. x #KCACOLS


  13. dearmummyblog says:

    A really enjoyable read and so true. There are some blogging cliques unfortunately and it’s always made us nervous at blogging events. We’re only small fries in the blogging world so try not to care too much. Agree about sharing the love on linkys xx #TwinklyTuesday x


  14. madelinelittlejohns says:

    Great list – I was nodding along in agreement! The last one in particular really bothers me, it just feels quite mean to me! x #KCACOLS


  15. Memeandharri says:

    Love this post and so true – as a relatively new blogger it is so daunting when everyone has got their friends and your a bit of a loner. The unfollowing business annoys me – and yes I have felt surprised and disappointed when I have checked and it is some of the bigger blogs. #KCACOLS


  16. newmummyblogcom says:

    Great post and brilliant tips. I think these are something we all try to do, at least I do. I think sometimes I get overwhelmed and spend so much time reading other blogs and commenting that I loose track of my own blog and that’s something I need to fix. I hate to not join linkies as i don’t want to let people down, but it’s again getting that balance right! Great post, and thanks for sharing on #KCACOLs and hope you can link with Franca on Sunday again x


  17. practicalbydefault says:

    Love this post. We need these reminders, and I especially liked the one on realizing that it is not necessarily copying if you have the same topic. Everyone has their own view on the same ideas. Great list! #KCACOLS


  18. Emma - meandbmaketea says:

    fab tips, thank you for sharing 🙂 I recently went to an event which included 15 other bloggers that were invited. I thought the whole point was to network and chat and one was particularly “off” – talking to me in one word answers. was really obvious she did not want to chat lol! I guess I just assumed bloggers wanted to meet other bloggers :/


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