… Hello 2016

Here we are. The first day of a brand new year.

I used to hate New Year’s Day. It was boring – everywhere was closed, everyone was tired from parties the night before. It’s a day of sitting around, watching whatever terrible repeats are on the TV and wishing you could get out and do something. The tree is usually still up, reminding you that Christmas is over but you just can’t let go, and the party season is well and truly finished.

I love new year’s eve, even if I’m not big on going out and partying for it. Daf and I have been together for five years – we got together on New Year’s Eve 2010 – and so it’s always been one of my favourite days. But new year’s day? Nah.

This year, however, I’m determined to make it a good start to what I hope will be a good year. The tree is going down on New Year’s Eve, so we’ll wake to a fresh, clean flat ready for the new year. We’ve got friends coming over on new year’s eve, so we’ll have had a great night before, and on new year’s day we’re off to see my parents, to exchange Christmas presents and see everyone.

Fingers crossed, the first day of 2016 will be a good one – but what comes afterwards? What does 2016 hold in store for us as a family, me as a person, and the blog as a… well, as a blog.


Well, by the end of January, “The Speed Bump” will (hopefully!) have been released on Kindle. That’s pretty exciting in itself – publishing my own book has been a real experience, and there’s a lot of work gone into it, so I’m excited to see it come to fruition and I hope people enjoy it!

Daf will be graduating university this year, and although there’s some work for him to do first, I’m confident he’ll graduate with great grades, and I’m so proud of him for what he’s done.

Of course, SB is turning two, and my thoughts have already started turning to what we’ll do to celebrate. I can’t believe we’ll have a two year old this year – it’s crazy!

I have an audition for a drama school in January. I’m not going in there with high hopes – it’s more for the experience than anything – because no matter what happens, 2016 is going to be pretty exciting from an academic point of view.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. As I said a few weeks ago, I had an interview for a Masters degree on December 10th. I was nervous, but went along, hoping I wouldn’t be totally out of my depth. I had a great time at the interview and felt like I gave a pretty good account of myself.

It was the day before we went to Butlins, so when we got back from our weekend away, there was a letter from the university waiting for me. I’ve been accepted onto the Masters degree, and will be starting in September 2016. I’m absolutely over the moon – this is another step towards my eventual goals of setting up my own company and potentially studying for a PhD – and it means that I’ll be a student parent again from September this year!

As for blogging – well, I’ll still be here, doing what I always do. I love blogging, and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon. Maybe one day it’ll come to a natural end, but for 2016, The Speed Bump isn’t going anywhere.

What about for us as a family? I spoke a lot in 2015 about wanting to expand our family, but I think – for various reasons – 2016 won’t be the year that happens. I’m going to be starting medication for the tummy pains that blighted the second half of 2015 that will make conceiving very improbable, and with the Masters starting in September, I’m pretty keen to avoid being a pregnant student again. It’s one stress we could all do without.

We’re okay with that, though. I love parenting SB, and I’m happy to hold off on Baby #2 for as long as it takes. My ovaries get all ‘splodey sometimes when I see an adorable squidgy newborn, but I can handle that until we’re ready for another.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year. I’m not going to count any chickens – you never know what could happen. I had high hopes for 2015 and spent most of it in and out of hospital with one illness after another, so I’m hoping for a year with as few appointments as possible.

Either way,  I know that with SB and Daf by my side, we can’t go too far wrong.