Blogging Awards Make Me Proud To Be A Blogger

Blogging Awards Make Me Proud To Be A Blogger.jpg

The blogging awards season is coming to an end, with only the Mumsnet Blogger Awards left to go, and it’s been another great year.

People have nominated, voted, been shortlisted, attended glitzy award ceremonies and celebrated and commiserated as the best and the brightest in the blogging world are celebrated for their achievements.

This year – as with last year, and the year before – I haven’t really been involved. I’ve nominated and voted, but I haven’t been nominated or shortlisted myself. There’s always that little heart-in-the-mouth feeling when you see the lists go out and you think to yourself, “Is there a possibility I’m on there?”, but I wouldn’t say it’s disappointing when my name doesn’t appear on the list. Some of my lovely talented blogging friends have been shortlisted and finalists this year, so I’ve been really happy for them!

This blogging awards season has left an odd taste in my mouth, though. There seems to have been an undercurrent of backlash towards the blogging awards scene. Declarations that it’s all a personality contest; it’s the same people winning every time; others don’t stand a chance. I won’t call it sour grapes, because I know it’s hard. You put your blog out there, it’s very personal and important to you, and you want people to like it. You want to be recognised for the hard work you put in. It’s not sour grapes, it’s something else I can’t quite put my finger on.

Basically, I think people are looking at these blogging awards in the wrong light. They’re not pitting blogger against blogger in some kind of gory, bloody fight to the death. It’s not the Blogging Hunger Games (although that would be really cool, and it’d basically be a case of turn off the WiFi and see which blogger dies of not being able to Instagram first) – it’s a celebration of blogging.

I was watching the Periscope livestream of the MAD Blog Awards, and it struck me how celebratory it all was. There was no bitterness, no Oscars-style “disappointed loser’s clap” – everyone was genuinely excited for each nominee, and the applause and support for the winner each time was wonderful. Bloggers coming together from all over the country to celebrate each other. That’s what the blogging community is about!

When you see it as a contest, it becomes a case of “people clearly think their blog is better than mine”, “what does she have that I don’t?” – and that way bitterness and negativity lies. Instead, see the awards for what they really are. Recognising the outstanding achievements of certain bloggers; a chance to be inspired by what they’ve done with their blog, an opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and support each other.

Even if I never win a blogging award – and let’s face it, there’s thousands of us parent bloggers in the UK alone, my chances aren’t great – I’ll still love watching the awards ceremonies. Cheering on the winners and encouraging the runners up, celebrating the crazy, lovely world of blogging and the parent blogger community inside it.

Although if you do have a Blogger Hunger Games, you can leave my name off the nominations list for that one.



5 thoughts on “Blogging Awards Make Me Proud To Be A Blogger

  1. thehippychristianmum says:

    Haha I would most definitely be one of the first out of the blogger hunger games. No wifi – no way! Lol I’m new to blogging but I really like how supportive and friendly the online community is. The groups that have this snipey undercurrant are obvious from a mile off. I’ve really enjoyed reading about everyone’s awards and finding great new blogs from the nominees. I would absolutely love to be nominated next year. See you there 2017! 🙂


  2. Two Tiny Hands (@IsntitprettyKTB) says:

    Genuinely lovely post Maddy. I saw some comments about the popularity contest and I kind of agreed but it definately should be a celebration of blogging and what you/we can achieve. There is all room for us somewhere in this wonderful world. I haven’t really been involved this year but I’ll definately want to vote this next year! Thanks for linking up to #FamilyFun and hope to see you next week.


  3. tammymum says:

    This is my first year as a blogger and i have kind of sat on the periphery, not 100% sure what to make of it. I find the negativity slightly odd as in general the blogging community is so supportive and lovely. Yet there is a bit of ‘the gloves are off’ come award season. That being said I totally agree it should be about celebrating and encouraging everyone, blogging is hard and personal and we can all relate to everyones effort and sentimentality toward their blog so we should celebrate everyone as we wish to be celebrated. Hopefully i’ll be bit more active in the next award season as I have a better idea of whats going on. Thanks for sharing this at #FamilyFun, hope to see you next week xx


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