I’m Getting Married – So Let’s Talk Divorce

Weird title for a post, I know, but bear with me. It’s a weird phenomenon that as you get closer and closer to your wedding, you start to think about the “What ifs”.

The majority of these “What Ifs” relate to the ceremony itself – my current wedding nightmares include forgetting to get my hair done on the morning of the wedding, turning up in jeans and a t-shirt because I’ve lost my beautiful dress and various guests kicking off and trying to ruin it all.

However, sometimes I think ahead to when we’re actually married – the ceremony is over, the party is done, and then we’re Mr and Mrs.

I’m confident that Daf and I won’t divorce – I wouldn’t be marrying him if I thought we would! – but it is interesting to think about how much changes when you’re married, especially when you’ve got a child together. Part of the reason we’re getting married now is because of the extra financial protection for SB if either of us died, so there is a big change in legal dynamics once you’re married.

I found this infographic from The Law House really interesting – it’s full of facts and figures about divorce.


I think some of those stats are absolutely fascinating. I’ve heard people say that the more expensive the wedding, the shorter the marriage before. We’ve tried to keep our costs as low as possible, so hopefully that’s a good omen for us!

I also like that Blackpool is the divorce capital of the UK – makes it a slightly odd destination for stag and hen parties when you think about it! I wonder what it is about certain places that makes the people who live there more likely to divorce?

I think these days, it’s easy to rush into marriage and feel like it’s a competition to get the love, marriage, babies thing out of the way as quickly as possible (a little hypocritical, maybe, coming from the one who was pregnant at 19), that you can rush into it without really knowing what you’re doing, which could account for high divorce rates.

Sometimes, people just grow apart. The person you fell in love with 20 years ago may not seem like the same person you’re married to now – that’s just part of life.

I think Daf and I have pretty good innings – we’re into a 3 month countdown now, and I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

Disclosure: Sponsored post in collaboration with The Law House. 



2 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married – So Let’s Talk Divorce

  1. Sarah - Mum & Mor says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’m getting married at the end of this month. It’ll be my second marriage. I was first married at 21, which turned out to be a mistake. I’m now much happier and do feel that the second marriage will go much better than the first, even with us having a child in the mix.


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