“I Want To Quit Blogging!”


I go through stages where I think it’s time to quit blogging. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it – nothing to trigger those feelings, and most of the time I’m very proud of my blog. Still, I have days where I feel like nothing is going right, and I’m blogging for no reason. It looks like a lot of bloggers feel the same sometimes. That’s why I’ve put together my list of things to consider if you’re thinking of quitting blogging.

  1. Work out why you want to quit. It’s no good quitting for no reason – and very often, if you sit down and think about it, you’ll realise that your reason for quitting is actually just a small obstacle that you can overcome. Identify whether it’s a drop in stats, a lack of interaction, no opportunities coming your way – or something else.
  2. Is it a temporary blip? Don’t do anything rash. Wait and see if the feeling of wanting to quit your blog persists over a few days or even weeks. If it’s something that comes and goes, it sounds like it’s just an obstacle that you can overcome.
  3. Talk to other bloggers. They’ll reassure you that we all have bad blogging days, whether you’ve been going for six months or six years. You can have thousands of daily views and still feel like there’s no point continuing. Other bloggers will be able to reassure you that it’s normal and give you that push to keep going.
  4. Remember why you started blogging. Everyone starts blogging for different reasons, and sometimes we forget those reasons along the way. I started blogging to help other people who find themselves in my situation, and although the blog has grown and developed since then, when I feel like quitting I remind myself of the messages I’ve had from young pregnant women and young parents, telling me how much my blog has helped, and that’s all the reason I need to keep going.
  5. Give your blog some TLC. You may have noticed The Speed Bump has had a bit of a makeover. When I get the urge to quit my blog, I spend some time modifying it instead. If you’re feeling like it’s all a bit stale, give it a refresh – whether that’s updating some content or just giving the whole thing a brand new look.
  6. Don’t stress about stats. So this month has been a bit quiet, and your mind has extrapolated that into “NO-ONE READS MY STUFF AND EVERYBODY HATES ME AND I’M WASHED UP!”. Stop right there thank you very much.
  7. Take a blogging break. If you’re really feeling like you’re done, take a few weeks out. Don’t be in a rush to sell your domain and announce your dramatic exit to your Twitter followers; take some time away. Absence makes the heart grow fonder – you may find that you come back with plenty of new content or even a whole new angle for your blog.
  8. Nothing is permanent. So you’ve done all of the above and you still want to say goodbye to the blog, and nothing’s going to change your mind. One thing I would advise is to keep hold of your domain. Don’t hit that “delete site” button – blogging has probably been a fairly big part of your life, and – especially if you’re a parenting blogger like me – you’ll have documented a lot of big events and days out. Even if you only keep it to look back on as a diary, you’ll be glad you didn’t delete it permanently. One day you may want to return to it – and if the whole thing is gone forever, you’ll regret it.

Above all else, rest assured that you’re not alone. Almost every blogger goes through this, for a variety of reasons. The important thing to remember is that the big bloggers you look up to and seek to emulate – whether that’s huge megastar vloggers like Zoella and Tanya Burr, or the superstars of the parent blogger world – have all overcome those blogging slumps, and you can too.

No-one makes it big without starting small – and part of starting small is feeling like you’re never going to get it off the ground. Keep striving for the end goal – whether that’s to help people, or to make money, or just to create an interesting, amusing blog – and keep writing.



19 thoughts on ““I Want To Quit Blogging!”

  1. Lisa Hoptroff ~ That British Betty says:

    This! I have been blogging for two year and had this ‘I MUST QUIT!’ idea several times. My lovely fiance always talked me round and told me to simply take a few days away from it all. Sure enough, by Day Two I was itching to get back again! Last month, I made the decision to leave my old blog behind for various reasons (lost direction, needed a fresh start, too many spons posts…) and set up a brand new one! It’s blinking hard work – starting my following again from zero on social media etc and leaving my 1,984 email subscribers behind) but it’s going to be worth it, I know it. I adore blogging and am glad that I didn’t quit for good. Great post and good advise. PS I love reading The Speed Bump so please don’t go anywhere 🙂


  2. themotherhub says:

    I think at least once a week I think ‘why am I doing this ??’ But it is only temporary – usually when I’ve been comparing myself to someone more successful . Comparison is the thief of joy ! #kcacols


  3. tammymum says:

    I do sometimes feel like I’m just banging my head on a wall and there is the never ending cycle that is blogging but I don’t think Iv ever quite wanted to chuck it, not yet anyway. I think like you say a little blogging break can do you the world of good! Xx #KCACOLS


  4. My Petit Canard says:

    Oh I’ve definitely had moments like these. In fact, my last one was probably only about a month ago. Like you, there was no particular reason for feeling like it. But after about a week the feeling passed and I was back in my groove again. Its always nice to read posts like these and realise that it isnt just you 🙂 Emily #KCACOLS


  5. oddhogg says:

    I’ve had these thoughts on and off. Only 2 months into blogging I am occasionally wondering what on earth I’m doing. I don’t regret starting though and the feeling usually passes! #kcacols


  6. Mrs C says:

    I think we all go through cycles of wanting to chuck in the towel. It takes time and we’re putting ourselves out there, often wearing our hearts on our sleeve. It leaves us vulnerable. But when you love writing, you just can’t help writing and for so many of us, that blogging! Mrs C x #KCACOLS


  7. Agent Spitback says:

    I feel like I want to quit every second day but like you say, we have to recognise that there’s highs and lows and to remember why we started in the first place. Don’t hit DELETE too quickly is a great one to remember.


  8. ourrachblogs says:

    This really resonates with me. I don’t write nowhere near as frequently as I once did, mainly because of time but also because some days I just can’t be arsed and I get this feeling of not being good enough.
    There is some fantastic advice on this post which I’m going to take away with me.


  9. wendy says:

    I feel like this sometimes too. I think your tips are great, especially about taking a blog break. Whenever I feel like giving up I always take a little break and I miss blogging so much it makes me realise I no way want to quit. I hope you stick around, I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂 xx #bestandworst


  10. Savannah (@HowHesRaised) says:

    This is suuuuuch an important read for all bloggers!! Sometimes, blogging can just get overwhelming, and the first human emotion is just to throw in the towel. It’s more work than it’s worth, I’ve found myself saying before. But, sticking with it, and really considering the outcomes always brings me back to loving my blog! Thanks so much for sharing! ❤ #KCACOLS


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