My Dream Home

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Who doesn’t fantasize about what sort of house they’d have if they won the lottery? I could spend all day looking at decor ideas on Pinterest, so when I was asked to think about my dream decor by CurtainWorld, the really difficult part was narrowing down my favourite ideas!

Of course, this all revolves around me winning the lottery and moving into a nice big house (I’m thinking eight bedrooms, all with different themes, a converted attic, a swimming pool, acres of land… I’m not asking for the moon on a stick, I don’t think…) rather than living in a private rent, so bear in mind that we’re thinking about a nice big house here, rather than a 2-bed flat.


Light and Airy

I don’t like heat, but I do like sunshine. I love rooms that are really light and airy – plenty of windows everywhere, including in the roof (or, y’know, just a conservatory) to flood everything with daylight is perfect for me. This atmosphere goes great with either white furniture or, if you’re like me and not brave enough to have white furniture with a toddler around, pastel shades. Lots of soft lines and comfy throws in neutral tones on sofas and surfaces, please! Bonus points if one of the rooms has a feature wall with exposed brickwork like a New York firehouse.

home decor 1.png


Ahoy There, Matey

Maybe it’s a side effect of growing up by the sea, but I love a good nautical/seaside theme. Partly because it’s so easy – sand, driftwood and anything anchor-themed is a good starting point – but also because of the atmosphere it creates. Calming blue and white makes you feel like you’re sitting on a deckchair-strewn beach, and with seashells and vintage posters, it’s like you’ve stepped out of a 1950s seaside postcard.These types of decor work especially well in a kitchen or bathroom – I love a good nautical bathroom! – but look at the neutral tones in that bedroom! I love that nautical/seaside doesn’t have to mean bright blue and white. You can adapt it to seafoam/teal colours for a much more relaxing feel, while using little accents like the seashells and white painted wood to keep that beach theme.

home decor 2.png



“Hygge” is one of those lovely words that doesn’t really have an exact translation. It’s a Danish word, pronounced “HUE-gah”, and the closest approximation is that it’s the Danish art of living cosily. That means candles, cushions and comfort – three things I absolutely love. There’s a distinctly wintery/Christmassy feel to it all, which is the main reason why would love a full hygge house. Thinking about it, our wedding has a lot of hygge features – the emphasis on cosiness and candlelight is a big part of our ceremony and reception!

I feel like hygge works particularly well in the winter – when everyone’s in the mood for snuggling by the fire as the nights draw in – so I don’t know how much I’d enjoy it in hot, sticky summers. Maybe I’ll reserve the hygge decor for my log cabin in Canada or northern Scandinavia (we are acting on the assumption that I’ve won the lottery, after all).

home decor 3.png


Just thinking about those themes makes me wish I was an interior designer! I think I’m more of an Ideas Person, though – I’ll happily make a moodboard on Pinterest, but when it comes to putting the plans into action, someone else can take over. Until that lottery win, I’ll just keep dreaming!

How about you? If you could do anything decor-related to your home (or your dream home if you won the lottery), what sort of theme would you go for?

Disclaimer: This post has been written for a collaboration with CurtainWorld.


8 thoughts on “My Dream Home

  1. Kerry says:

    I love a nautical theme too, planning on revamping my little caravan with one. My ideal house would be a farmhouse, with lots of land to run my own little farm park, farm shop and be self sustainable. My idea of the good life. Thanks for sharing, you’ve got me thinking now! #KCACOLS


  2. Emma says:

    we are just in the middle of decorating our home and although it is hard work, it is lovely to see the pay off. I plan some home décor posts shortly hehe! loving the blue nautical theme too -we just did our guest room in this type of theme 🙂 #KCACOLS


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