Following In Our Footsteps…

We’ve always been quite clear that SB can be anything she wants to be. If she wants to dance, she can dance. If she wants to be a firefighter, she can be a firefighter. We will be proud of her, and we will support her all the way.

The two things we knew we did want for SB, was for her to love reading and to love music. We know she loves reading, but if this video is anything to go by…

I think we’ve got a little music fan on our hands too!


6 thoughts on “Following In Our Footsteps…

  1. Lucy (@Lucy_at_home) says:

    Hubby and I are both musical so our girls have been brought up surrounded by music. They both love it, and love to try and join in. We sing together all the time and they love bashing around on my piano. We’ll be keeping an eye out for your little rock star in the years to come 😉 #CoolMumClub

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