Why Pokemon Go! and parenting are basically the same thing…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you’ll have heard of Pokemon Go!, a new mobile-based game that lets you catch Pokemon around the world, doing battle with other players and so on. It has its fair share of critics – no game that has men in their forties chasing fictional creatures around the world was ever going to be immune to criticism – but there’s also a lot of positivity surrounding the game, mainly due to its ability to actually get nerds and geeks to leave the goddamn house for once.

I’m one of those geeks and nerds, I’m not ashamed to say, and I’m really enjoying the game when it works. It got me thinking, however, that actually, Pokemon Go isn’t too dissimilar to parenting. In fact, I think parenting makes you a better Pokemon Go player – and here’s why…

  1. You’re surrounded by small, fluffy-looking fictional creatures. For people who rarely see the outside world (i.e. Pokemon Go’s target demographic), suddenly being surrounded by Eeevees and Zubats might be a bit of a culture shock for these indoor-dwelling geeks. You’re in your element – your house is full of tiny inanimate creatures, in the form of your child’s stuffed toy menagerie.
  2. Chasing small wild creatures around. You think getting a Golbat into a Pokeball is tough? Try wrestling a two year old into dungarees.
  3. Inordinate amounts of walking required. I walked for miles around and around that hospital to try and coax SB out during labour. 10km egg-hatching hikes? Bring it on.
  4. The constant demand for the sweet stuff. If you want to win battles with your Pokemon, you’ll need to feed them candy. That’s pretty much the same for your toddler – there’s nothing quite like chocolate-based bribery.
  5. It’s all about the competition. Are you Team Mystic, Team Instinct or Team Valor? The online battles between the three teams are almost as vicious as the Team Breast vs Team Bottle feud, or the eternal conflict between Team Disposable Nappy and Team Cloth. The claws are always out.
  6. Bye Bye Data. Whether you’re hunting Pokemon or browsing Mumsnet, one thing is for sure – your data bill is going to be sky high at the end of the month.
  7. Solidarity. Once upon a time, you’d meet the eyes of a fellow battle-hardened parent in the supermarket. They’d share your unbrushed hair; your slightly bedraggled outfit; your willingness to give up all your worldly possessions for a good night’s sleep. That’s the parent solidarity. You’re unlikely to make eye contact with a Pokemon Go! player, but on the odd occasion you do glance up from your Pokedex, you’re almost certain to see someone else walking along haphazardly, their phone held out in front of them as they hunt down that Kakuna so they stand a chance of taking over the Pokegym in the public toilets. It doesn’t matter what team they’re on; you are both risking getting hit by cars, cyclists and irate pedestrians in your quest to be the very best (like no-one ever was). That’s solidarity.


By that logic, I should be a master Pokemon hunter, right?

There’s just one tiny problem. Being a parent means you’re responsible for a small human who relies entirely on you, and hunting Ponytas and Pikachus takes away from your “I’m responsible for my child” time.

Which may go some way to explaining why, for all my transferable Poke-parenting skills… I’m still only on Level 2.



18 thoughts on “Why Pokemon Go! and parenting are basically the same thing…

  1. Manny says:

    Fantastic post! I am going to try my hand at pokemon catching today – I’ve finally persuaded myself to download it. Now I’m scared I’ll be neglecting the kids to go out and catch ’em all! 🙂


  2. andanothertenthings says:

    “You think getting a Golbat into a Pokeball is tough? Try wrestling a two year old into dungarees.” – lol! I’ve not tried Pokemon Go, mainly because I think I’d become easily addicted but we did play the real life version at the park on Sunday, which was basically throw a football at Daddy until her stopped hunting Pokemon. #kcacols


  3. chocolatepages says:

    I have heard of all this Pokemon stuff, as its all over Twitter, but I haven’t really paid to much attention. Until a few days ago, when I saw a full man size Pokemon walking down the street!!
    Amanda. #kcacols


  4. Savannah (@HowHesRaised) says:

    Hahaha, this is hilarious! I’ve never thought about it, but Pokemon Go is TOTALLY like parenting haha. My husband and I took our kiddo downtown all day yesterday, pushing his stroller up and down the street, venturing into the little nooks and crannies of the city, searching for Pokemon. It’s the most exercise we’ve gotten in WEEKS! And the servers! Oy, those are just about as frustrating as a toddler who won’t go to sleep, hah. Thanks for sharing ❤ #KCACOLS


  5. Kaye says:

    Haha, love this, never thought about it in that way but the similarities are plenty! & getting a toddler into dungarees is quite a feat indeed. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


  6. The Unsung Mum says:

    This is ace! I haven’t played the game yet but I’m normally mega late to trends 😂 I’m addicted to my phone though and ignore my kids so this sounds like I need this in my life! KCACOLS


  7. thefrenchiemummy says:

    This game is dangerous, some people already died because of it! Having said that, I like your post and the comparison with parenting. SO true! #KCACOLS


  8. Suburban Mum says:

    I LOVE this and I’m not ashamed to say that I am obsessed with it and have played it more than my son! Totally agree Pokemon GO! and Parenting are so the same thing! 😉 #KCACOLS


  9. madelinelittlejohns says:

    Haha, so funny! My husband has been playing and is on a much higher level than he should be given his age, he’s really enjoying it! I’ve resisted joining in so far though! x #KCACOLS


  10. Double the Monkey Business says:

    I tried to play this and couldnt work out how to do it. I am wondering if I am too old lol! xxx #MarvMondays


  11. Grounded Mummy says:

    Omg, I am in stitches! Awesome post! I’m not a Pokemon go player but 3yo daughter is, it’s something she does and loves with daddy! I love points 2 and 4, honestly, that is my life right now, bribery with my 3yo and daily wrestling with my 10 month old. I’m knackered! Love love love this post! #marvmondays


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