Time To Be Proud Again…

A year ago, I wrote a blog post on here after finding out that I was graduating from uni with a first. I was shocked and surprised and very very proud of myself.

Now it’s time to be proud again – Daf started uni the year after me, and has just finished his final year. It’s been a tough old year, with SB’s transition to toddlerhood, me taking on various jobs and him ending up as a stay at home dad, meaning that he had more challenges than most in finishing his degree.

He was adamant that he hadn’t done very well, no matter how much I tried to tell him I was sure he’d done fine and that we’d be proud of him no matter what – just finishing uni is a massive achievement, even without coping with a pregnant girlfriend/new baby/stroppy toddler.

His results came through on Thursday, and I couldn’t be prouder. He’ll be graduating in October with a fantastic 2:1 result!


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