It’s Like Glastonbury For Kids – GERONIMO FESTIVAL REVIEW (Part Two)

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Here we are with the second part of our Geronimo Festival review! I ended the last post when we’d just eaten our picnic in the lovely sheltered pagoda (which I still want in my currently-imaginary future back garden) and were getting ready to watch some displays in the Arena Zone. The line-up was pretty spectacular – horse falconry, motorcycle display team, jousting, sheepdog trials and the Cheshire dog show – and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The first thing we watched was the Cheshire dog show, which involved amazing tricks – and ended with the dogs running through flaming arches!

After that, it was time for SB’s Tumble Tots session. We weren’t sure how she’d fare with it – she’s adventurous, but she can be a little cautious, and we’ve actually looked into Tumble Tots as a way of increasing her independence. We queued up and the ladies on the door were brilliant – some people hadn’t read about needing to pre-book, and were just turning up. Rather than turning them away, they queued to one side and those of us who pre-booked could go in first. Whenever one of us left, they’d allow someone who hadn’t pre-booked in, which was a really nice way of making sure everyone got a turn.

As for the session itself – SB loved it and amazed us with her fearlessness! It was well-organised, well-staffed and a lovely opportunity to try it out.

We then went for a bit of a walk around to see all the bits we hadn’t seen so far. We saw an incredible giraffe puppet that SB was mesmerised by, and she got a cuddle with the Puddleducks duck. Oh – and then we ran into a nun playing a travelling piano. There was something new to see everywhere you turned at Geronimo, and something to keep everyone amused!

We then watched the amazing motorcycle Imps display team in the Arena, and all I can say is oh my goodness. How are these all aged between 5 and 16? They were absolutely incredible – so good we actually went back and watched them again a little bit later!

Whilst walking around, we got a chance to see all the facilities they had. Obviously a big worry for anyone going to a festival is the toilets – will there be enough, and will they be gross? No need to worry about that at Geronimo. There were plenty of toilets dotted around the field, and we never once saw a queue for them. What’s more, walking past the toilets there was no smell other than the freshly cut grass in the field, and there was a fantastic hand-washing station with sinks and plenty of fairy liquid on hand. There was a mobile disabled toilet too; with a hoist and a changing station – Geronimo really had thought of everything for all of their guests.

Not only that, they’d also thought of all the mums in attendance – they had a mobile Prosecco bar! I did try and take a picture, but almost got mowed down by a crowd of pushchair-wielding women so take my word for it, but it looked awesome. There was also a bar selling alcohol, but I didn’t notice any unruly or drunken behaviour from anyone, which made a welcome change to most festivals!

We went over to the Woodland zone. Most of the activities there were a little old for Celyn, but they looked awesome – things like a zip wire, Bear Grylls survival race and a stand for BEAR snacks (SB tried some samples and we got some coupons, always a win-win!). As we were leaving the area, we saw a very-realistic looking bear jump the fence and join in with the race!

Then it was time for SB’s science class, back in the 3ft and Under zone. One of the best things about Geronimo was that even though it was  such a huge festival, with so much going on and plenty of space for sitting around and having a picnic and a run around too, it still didn’t feel like a massive trek to get from one side of the festival to the other.

The science lesson was brilliant – it was all about Bubble-ology, and SB loved wearing her lab coat and having the chance to blow some bubbles and watch some massive bubbles being made! We both loved that session, actually, and it was really well presented!

We were all starting to get tired by this point, so we did go and have a sit down for a bit and just enjoyed watching everything going on around us. The Imps put on another great show – ending with the riders jumping through flames – but we were starting to flag a bit. We headed over to the Geronostage to see what was happening over there.

That was when Daf said “It’s like Glastonbury for kids”, and he wasn’t wrong! The pictures show just how busy it was – I don’t know what the final figures for attendance were, but everyone was in good spirits with their picnic blankets, chairs, inflatable beds and even just finding comfy spaces of grass to sit down on and watch the shows. Swashbuckle, Andy Day and more had been on throughout the day, and when we turned up, it was halfway through Mr Bloom’s show. SB was a bit nonplussed as she doesn’t really watch Mr Bloom, but he put on a good show and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The atmosphere was wonderful, and the crowds stretched all the way around the stage, up the hill and beyond – but everyone was still able to see, thanks to the fantastic setting of the stage and the huge screen next to it.

Then came the main attraction. If you’ve ever wondered what a thousands-strong crowd of mums, dads and small children sounds like, look no further than Geronimo Festival when Justin Fletcher stepped onto the stage! The applause and cheers were defeaning, and the show was fantastic. We didn’t stay for long – SB was seriously tired by this point – but major props to Justin and his backing dancers for getting the crowds up and dancing after a long and tiring day!

It was time to head home. In all honesty, if we weren’t so tired we’d have booked and paid to come back again the next day – there was so much still to see and do, and so many activities that we’d gladly have repeated too! SB fell asleep straight away in the car on the way home – she was all Geronimo’d out – and we all slept soundly that night!

In Part 3 of the review I’ll be giving our final verdict on Geronimo and breaking it all down into the vital bits you need to know if you’re considering taking the little ones to Geronimo Festival!

In return for this review we were given a family ticket to attend Geronimo. This will not impact on my review in any way – this is my honest opinion of the event. 

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8 thoughts on “It’s Like Glastonbury For Kids – GERONIMO FESTIVAL REVIEW (Part Two)

  1. Tracey @ One Frazzled Mum says:

    It looks like a brilliant festival for kids I will have to try and go next year as it’s not too far from me #kcacols


  2. azarialynch says:

    This looks like so much fun, Would be perfect for my little one when she gets a bit older.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    Azaria- Being Mrs Lynch


  3. Educating Roversi says:

    This looks amazing! Mini R does Tumble Tots, he’s been going for a year and absolutely LOVES it. It’s given him so much confidence in climbing (not sure if thats a good thing!) and we’re practising forward rolls 🙂 #KCACOLS


  4. A Moment with Franca says:

    I have seen a few people blogging about this festival. I would have loved to go. I like the idea of being able to enjoy a festival with your kids. I will try to go next year as it looks so much fun. I’m glad you all had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS my lovely! Hope to see you tomorrow, 🙂 xx


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