Maybe My Mummy Blog Sucks

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Don’t mind me, I’m just joining the legions of parenting bloggers responding to some random parenting blogger who is apparently successful but no-one had ever actually heard of, who wrote a post the other day entitled “Dear Mommy Blogger”. I’m not going to link to it because I can’t be arsed with giving her any more views, but the basic gist of it is “I quit writing my mommy blog because it sucked, so you should quit writing yours too because yours definitely sucks too even though I haven’t read it”.


Basically, all bloggers are selling their soul and convinced they’re going to be the next big thing and forking out to go to blogging conferences and accepting sponsored posts with nothing to do with the topic of their blog. That’s right, all of us. And it makes us all absolutely shit at blogging.

According to the mummy blogger who wanted us all to know she wasn’t a mummy blogger anymore, so she wrote a blog post on her mummy blog.

Because that makes sense, right?

So if you’ve read that letter, and you’re feeling a little downhearted, read this one instead.


Dear Mummy Blogger,

Your blog isn’t a pile of shit.

Maybe you write the occasional review. Maybe your blog is full of sponsored posts that you’ve been paid for. Maybe you have a full media pack. Maybe you advertise yourself as “PR unfriendly”. Maybe you broadcast your perfect life, or maybe you’re proud of your imperfect parenting. Maybe you’re brutally honest, or maybe you’re sugarcoating your experiences.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you and I and every other “mommy blogger” on the internet has been told that we’re shit and should give up.

And to that, I say “bullshit”.

People who tell you to give up do so out of jealousy or spite. They do it because they’ve given up, and they want you to do the same. They don’t want to see you succeed.

You don’t need to concern yourself with these people.

If you are happy reviewing products – whether it’s a cheese grater or a holiday to Hawaii – keep writing those reviews. If you’re content keeping the PR companies from the door, you just keep on going. If writing sponsored posts puts food on the table, you keep pitching to those companies.

Go to blogging conferences. Buy new WordPress themes. Purchase a DSLR. Do a photography course. Share your posts, grow your following, expand your reach. If it makes you happy, do it.

This delightful person who wants you to quit, also wants you to believe that no-one reads your blog. That’s also bullshit. What she’s saying is, “I never bothered to read anyone else’s blog posts”. Real, engaged members of the blogging community – and there are a lot of us – read your posts. Your followers on Facebook and Twitter read your blog posts. Your family and friends read your blog posts (unless you don’t tell anyone you have a blog, in which case they probably don’t read it). People read and enjoy your blog posts, no matter what some bitter failed blogger wants you to believe.


I don’t advertise myself as PR friendly. I don’t accept sponsored posts, and the competitions and reviews I do run are few and far between, and only when it’s something I feel is appropriate to the theme of my blog. I’m always honest (brutally, at times). I don’t do blogging conferences or premium WordPress themes. In short, I’m not the sort of Mummy Blogger that the original letter was referring to.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to argue against it. I’m not arguing because I’m personally offended, but because I think it was a colossally douchebaggy thing to write.

The last line of the letter reads –

“Find what you love, and what you do better than anyone else, and do that”.

Thanks, lady who I still have no idea who you are, for giving us all permission to do what we’ve been doing since we started blogging. 

The thing you do better than anyone else is writing your blog. No-one else could write about your life, your experiences and your opinions in the way that you do. No-one else has your unique voice, your story to tell, your quirks and writing preferences.

And, if you’re a mummy blogger, I’m assuming you enjoy doing it too.

So just in case you are in the habit of letting random women on the internet tell you what you should do, here’s my advice.

Keep blogging. Don’t change your style, don’t stop sharing, and don’t quit because some internet randomer tells you that you should. Her mummy blog may have sucked. Heck, my mummy blog might suck too.

But I’m going to keep on going. This is what I love, this is what I’m good at, and that’s something you’re just going to have to deal with.


A mummy blogger who doesn’t care if you think her blog sucks.


23 thoughts on “Maybe My Mummy Blog Sucks

  1. pennimania says:

    Hey! I’ve forgotten why I follow your blog, I guess it entertained me. You keep right on, I don’t blog about parenting, I’m too old – but I don’t know how anyone can dare to tell someone else what to write. Just do what feels right xxx

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  2. Liz Lowe says:

    Nice points. I just had to google the original post and I think she’s done a great job of publicising her new blog, which is essentially a mommy blog! #KCACOLS

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  3. beautybabyandme says:

    I can guarantee you that your mummy blog does not suck – it is fabulous! We are part of a generally lovely and supportive community – this persons negativity is so unnecessary! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday xx


  4. Mrs Tubbs says:

    Oh, I read that one too … It struck me more as a cry from someone who felt they’d sold their blogging soul and lost their way, but didn’t come across that way because of the title. Besides, just because they lost their way, doesn’t mean everyone else has too. I’m proud of my little blog. It may never be the biggest or the brightest, but I love it and it’s mine. 🙂

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  5. Tracey @ One Frazzled Mum says:

    I don’t think she done herself any favours at all with that post. To me she came off bitter and jealous. Her issues are just that, hers. Not ours. I struggled for a long time to figure out the kind of blogger I wanted to be as opposed to what I thought I should be. My blog my rules. Surely that applies to us all as you said so well “Don’t change your style, don’t stop sharing, and don’t quit because some internet randomer tells you that you should.” #kcacols

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  6. tinboxtraveller says:

    Ooh, this has totally passed me by. It doesn’t sound like I missed much but how arrogant to start telling other people that their blog – often a passion that gives them something to focus on that doesn’t involve handling dirty nappies or mushing up baby food – is worthless. I’ll not be seeking out this blogger’s post. I have far better things to do with my time. Like reading more #KCACOLS posts 🙂

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  7. practicalbydefault says:

    Love this, from a brand new blogger who probably sucks! I don’t need someone to tell me that, I say it enough myself. As a new blogger most of us have no idea what we are doing and are scared to death. But like you said, I love it so ill keep pluggin away. I love this post, thank you so much for the encouragement and insights 🙂 #KCACOLS.

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  8. Katie Gregory (@therewegoblog) says:

    Love this – great response. I read the original post and just came away thinking ‘woah – how sad it must be to have so much anger, about blogging of all things!’. There are more important things in life than trying to tear down a bunch of mum-bloggers who are just doing something we love. #KCACOLS


  9. KG says:

    Love this post – great response. I read the original post and thought ‘woah – how sad to have so much anger, towards blogging of all things!’. There are more important things in life than trying to tear down a bunch of mum-bloggers who are just doing something they love. #KCACOLS


  10. arthurwears says:

    I don’t care either – I haven’t read her post but I’ve heard of it via other bloggers. Our blogs are an extension of ourselves and unless we seriously suck (we can’t possibly, we are mummies, we are awesome just for that fact alone) then our blogs can’t suck either. She obviously doesn’t like herself very much! #KCACOLS


  11. madelinelittlejohns says:

    I think you’ve made the key point here, about how no one can ‘do you’ more than you, so you’re the best at writing YOUR blog, so keep doing it! x #KCACOLS


  12. A Moment with Franca says:

    What is wrong with people! I have not read this post but just reading your response I can only say that you have put it there perfectly. Every one is entitle to do what they feel is right and what makes them happy. I really don’t care what she says or things. The same as you I will carry on doing what makes me happy! Great post Maddy as always. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Love having you here. Hope you join us again tomorrow, 🙂 xx


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