Taking A Toddler To A Festival

When I think of festivals, I think of mud, loud noise and mayhem.

Ironically, that’s also what springs to mind when I think about toddlers.

So what the heck am I doing, contemplating taking my toddler to a festival at the end of May? Isn’t that essentially creating some kind of mutant supertornado of mud, loud noise and mayhem?

Line up logo [2118762].png

Thankfully not (well, hopefully not!). We’re taking SB to Geronimo Festival at Harewood House at the end of May – a festival geared towards families with young children. I’ve posted before about all the activities and special guests appearing at the festival (did somebody say Mr Tumble? Yep, Justin Fletcher will be there!) and now I’m starting to think about the realities of taking SB to her first festival.

It’s also our first, unless you count the annual Welsh language festival, the Eisteddfod (which we’re also hoping to take SB to this year). So, what can we expect?

Well, Geronimo can’t do much about the mud, but plenty of their activities are under cover in case of the Great British weather making an appearance – and they can’t exactly tame our little ball of mud, loud noise and mayhem, but what they can do is offer some fantastic facilites, to make the festival experience an easy and enjoyable one!

Donkey rides [2118756].jpg

They have dedicated nappy changing facilities, and areas for parents to feed their babies if they need to get away from the hustle and bustle. A buggy park, baby food and child-sized portions of all the tasty food that’s going to be for sale on the day is also available – Geronimo seem to be pulling out all the stops to make it a family-friendly event. Obviously I can’t give a full review until we’ve been, but so far they’re getting a big thumbs up from us.

I don’t know about mud, loud noise and mayhem, but I’m really looking forwards to a day of fun, entertainment and activities at Geronimo Festival. If it sounds like your cup of tea too, you can buy tickets at their website, here. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Disclosure: This post forms part of our role as an official ambassador for Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park. 


One thought on “Taking A Toddler To A Festival

  1. islandliving365 says:

    We took Youngest and Oldest to Jersey Live and they both loved it. I think Youngest must have been nearly 2 and she loved it! We also met Mr Bloom in the children’s tent. I may have become a little star struck 😉 x


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