DAY EIGHT: #30DayBloggingChallenge

Day EIGHT! We’re over a week in – I love this challenge!

Nicknames you have; why do you have them?

I suppose “Maddy” in itself is a nickname – it’s a shortening of my full name, Madison – but seeing as everybody knows me as Maddy, I won’t count it as a nickname for the purposes of this blog.

Mads: Most bloggers know MADs as the blogging awards run by Tots100 (congratulations to the recently-announced finalists, by the way! So excited to see Beauty, Baby and Me and A Moment With Franca shortlisted!) but for me, Mads and Mad are also my nicknames. I suppose they’re fairly self-explanatory – it’s a nice easy shortening of Maddy. Considering even I’m too lazy to use two syllables to name myself, even I call myself Mads whenever I refer to myself in the third person.

Moomin: This has been my nickname since I was a teeny tiny baby. I suppose it’s for the alliteration of it all – Maddy Moomin, Maddy Moo etc. It’s evolved over the years – I answer to “Moomintroll” when I’m with my family, to give you an idea of just how far it’s gone – and often I get the shortening, “Moom”, too.

Mommy: I suppose it’s more of a title than a nickname, but I love it. I am SB’s mommy (never mummy – I am from the Black Country and mummy sounds wrong when I say it, and SB is picking up on that) and nothing will ever change that. I love hearing her say it – it’s my very favourite name I go by.



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