The Speed Bump Milestone Cards!

I’m sure we’ve all seen the cute “Milestone Cards” that feature in plenty of baby pictures these days. “Today I am ___ weeks old”, “Today I sat up for the first time”, “Today I said my first word” etc. I love them, but I think it’s a little unfair that babies get all the fun.

Parenting is full of milestones too, y’know – and we deserve to celebrate each one of those; shouting them from the rooftops (or boasting about them on Facebook). With that in mind, I’ve had a think about what some “Parenting Milestone” cards might look like.






Come on, mums and dads, who’s with me? It’s about time we started celebrating our milestones too, with The Speed Bump Milestone Cards™, available now in all good retailers*.


*Not actually trademarked, and not actually available in any good (or bad) retailers.


3 thoughts on “The Speed Bump Milestone Cards!

  1. amiecaitlin says:

    Yes! These are perfect! I run a ‘Mama Badge’ series on my blog which is basically a little pat on the back I give myself with each harrowing milestones – being pooed on, changing a baby’s diaper on a moving train for the first time, flying with a baby for the first time, chickenpox, etc etc. These would be awesome.


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