DAY THREE – #30DayBloggingChallenge

Today’s blogging challenge is –

3. A habit you wish you didn’t have.

At first I was pretty stumped for this one. I don’t have any particularly offensive habits. I don’t bite my fingernails <glares at Daf> or anything like that. I snore, but that bothers Daf more than it bothers me, so it doesn’t count.

However, I have worked it out. My habit that I wish I didn’t have is my stretches.


I mentioned on day one that I’m hypermobile. It’s particularly bad in several areas of my body; namely my knees, my shoulders and my hands.

As well as being able to bend my thumb forwards to touch the inside of my wrist (as most hypermobile people can do), I have the sickening ability to bend it backwards to touch the outside of my arm too (it’s grim – really, really grim). It ends up looking like I’ve got no bones at all in my thumb – gross, but an awesome party trick.

I do it absent-mindedly. Same for my fingers – I’ll just randomly bend fingers back more than 90 degrees, without realising I’m doing it. I feel like it benefits me, because the stretching makes it more comfortable, but it’s probably doing untold damage to my joints (and my relationship with anyone who happens to see me with my thumb just randomly sitting there, pretty much dislocated, at an odd angle to the rest of my hand).

So there’s my habit I wish I didn’t have! Do you have any unpalatable habits?


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