Bye Bye Living In Sin!

Well… in approximately 256 days, anyway.


When you think about it, I’ve done lots of the “big life events” before I’d even turned twenty. I moved in with my boyfriend, gone to uni and even had a baby before my twentieth birthday. I think it’s fair to say I accomplished a lot in my teens.

People used to ask me – particularly when I was pregnant – “When are you going to get married?”. The honest answer was that I didn’t have the foggiest clue when I’d get married, so I’d just laugh and say “I want to save at least one major life event for my twenties!”. In all honesty, I didn’t see it happening until I was twenty-five.

I don’t know what made us change our mind. Probably the realisation that from a legal and financial point of view, we’re pretty vulnerable, especially if one of us dies (there’s a cheery thought). And if we have any more children, and if Daf was to die while I was pregnant, I’d be unable to put him on the birth certificate.

Because we’d like to have more kids in the next few years, there was only one solution – to get married.

Okay, that sounds pretty unromantic, but that was sort-of how I propositioned it to Daf.


“Hey Daf. If one of us dies the other is pretty screwed. Let’s get married”.


“Shall we do it this year?”.



Daf is much better at the romance stuff – his proposal back in 2012 was beautiful, and his ideas for the wedding are fantastic. I, on the other hand, am a very practical person – but once all the practicalities had been sorted out, I was excited to get down to the more emotional details too.

So here we are. Getting married in December this year. Did I imagine myself getting married at 22? Probably not, but I also didn’t imagine myself having a baby at 19, and that worked out pretty well for us too!

Our venue is amazing and SB is going to be a super adorable flower girl! I’m already starting to see just how stressful wedding planning can be – but it’s going to be a day we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, and the most important thing is that Daf and I end the day as husband and wife.

Everything else is gravy.


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Living In Sin!

  1. amiecaitlin says:

    Ahhhh! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    We dance around this subject endlessly with the OH asking reguarly and me coming up with practical reasons to say no! Ha! But the legal stuff about death, etc weighs on our mind too 😦 But for now, I will continue practically saying no as I’d rather buy a house than pay for a wedding!


  2. Jenna says:

    Aw, congrats guys – how exciting!

    We got married for practical reasons too. Before I had a child to think about I wasn’t overly fussed about getting married, I’m not one of those women who dreamt about some big wedding day that I’d spent months organising. In fact, I can’t think anything of any worse, personally. In the end we had a very small, private ceremony – just the three of us. x


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