Multitasking is hard…

I feel like I’ve been lied to all my life.

I’m a woman. I’ve got my vagina to prove it and everything. I’ve been fed this lie since I was a youngster; apparently we’re good at multitasking.

I call bullshit.

I’m just about coping with the work-life balance. I love my new job, and I love coming home to my gorgeous girl. Anything else, however, has fallen by the wayside.


Exercise? The most exercise I’ve done recently is the walk to the fridge. My blogging habits have taken a nosedive. My social life is just about coping, but it was pretty non-existent to start off with. In all honesty I’m a little preoccupied with something else we’ve got coming up in the near future (more on that soon, I promise!), but the point is that the blog has been all but dead lately.

I’m sorry. I’m so touched to see that people have nominated me in the MADs and the BiB awards – your support means the absolute world to me, and it’s so encouraging to know that people like what I write! Check out my recommendations for who you should vote for at the bottom of the post.

Really this is half-update, half-apology. I’m trying to recover that blogging mojo – I have ideas for so many posts swirling around in my head, but no time or motivation to actually write them out as I’m so tired all of the time (it’s not as bad as the 4am starts I had while I worked at Tesco, but it’s still taking a lot of getting used to, getting up to be at work by 8:40am.

SB is doing fab. She’s moved up to the Toddler class in nursery, but Daf will be taking her out at the end of April and being a stay at home dad to her again. I think he’s really looking forwards to it, even if she is testing the boundaries now. Next week she’ll be two – how the heck did that happen? I do not feel old enough or ready to have a two-year-old daughter!

Anyway, that’s as lengthy an update as you’re going to get right now – it’s nothing personal, but I’m exhausted! If anyone wants to send Berocca/five hundred of those colourful sherbert sticks packed with sugar/matchsticks for my eyes, you know where to find me.



My “Awards Season” Nomination Suggestions

  • KaboodleMum – Faye at KaboodleMum is a brilliant writer. I suggest nominating her in the family life/craft/new blog categories of the awards!
  • Beauty Baby and Me – Fi has my vote for best pregnancy blog by a country mile! She also fits in the category of Best New Blog, so drop her a vote in that category too!
  • Maestro Mummy – if you’re looking for a crafty mummy blogger to nominate, Maestro Mummy is at the top of the list!
  • WithFranca – If you haven’t checked out Franca’s fantastic blog yet, please do! Her Youtube channel is brilliant, which is why I nominated her in the best use of video categories.
  • Tiny Footsteps – Jenna at Tiny Footsteps got my vote in the BiBs for best family life blogger – her pictures of her gorgeous little family never fail to make me smile!

5 thoughts on “Multitasking is hard…

  1. Jenna says:

    I think you are doing just fine, Maddie – don’t be so hard on yourself. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for suggesting my blog for an award nomination, that means a lot. Although, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve blogged enough over the past 5 months to justify any award. I read a few of the other blogs you mentioned already but will check out the rest. x


  2. G says:

    Sounds like your juggling everything really well πŸ™‚ my daughter will be 2 in a few weeks, and I’m so with you on the “when did this happen” she’ll be heading to nursery for the first time and me back part time work, so I’m now following you and will keep checking back. Have a good soak in the bath and some “you time” p’s: opening pharagraph is fabulous πŸ™‚ made me chuckle


  3. amiecaitlin says:

    Good god yes. I’m a month into my new job and I was so fed up this week when all I could get out on the blog was a photo with two lines of text – again. I’ve sat and written four blog posts tonight as my OH was out so that at least I know for the next four weeks I’ll have at least one blog post go live each week. 😦


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