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Happy World Book Day!

I’m a little late in the day (I’ll blame that on job training) but I couldn’t let the day end without a blog post to celebrate such an important day. I know parents up and down the country resent the day for making them scramble to kit their kids out as some obscure book character they’ve never heard of, but it’s actually promoting such an important message.

Illiteracy is still a major issue in the UK. Children are leaving school unable to read and write – and many of those children go on to become parents, who can’t share the joy of reading with their own children no matter how much they might want to. A growing, sneering attitude towards e-readers and reading apps only compounds that. For many, an e-reader or app is their best chance of improving their literacy, and those who sneer or denigrate that are potentially putting people off.

I love World Book Day, and think it’s really important to nurture a love of books from a young age. Here are some of SB’s favourite books at the moment…

“That’s Not My Dinosaur…” by Usborne


We love the Usborne Touchy-Feely Books in this house! We have loads – the penguin, the owl… but SB’s undisputed favourite is the dinosaur book. If you say “dinosaur” to her, she says “ROAR!”, and then tootles over to the bookshelf and brings this book over to us. Touchy feely books are great for toddlers – it’s an interactive experience, while teaching them adjectives at the same time.


“Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney


Is it possible to read through this book without the feeling that there’s something in your eye? It’s just so beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated and a really touching story of the love between a parent and their child.


“The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo’s Child” by Julia Donaldson


These books have the honour of being the only ones I can recite word for word. Everything about them – the metre, the tone, the illustrations by Axel Scheffler – is so appealing to children and adults alike. I could read them again and again without getting sick of them – which is a good thing, considering they’re SB’s favourites. In fact, we sent our own little Gruffalo’s Child into nursery this morning – check out Daf’s fantastic costume-making skills! Complete with purple stuffed prickles sewn onto the back!


What are your little one’s literary favourites?


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