Going Away

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Today, I’m going to Cardiff. I’ll be there until Friday, staying in a very nice hotel, training for my brand new job, which I start a week on Monday. I’m excited to learn all about my new job, to meet new people and to spend some time in a city I love. The only kicker?

SB and Daf are staying at home.

I’ve spent one night away from SB since she was born (and that was because I’d gone on a uni night out and was far too drunk to be trusted at home with a baby, so I stayed in a hotel five minutes away from home instead). Now I’ll be spending five nights away from her, and I think it’s safe to say I’m nervous.

We’ve found coping mechanisms. I’m thanking my lucky stars that Skype is a thing, because it means I’ll be able to see SB and Daf every evening and make sure she still gets her bedtime song. The hotel has a gym, so I’ll be spending about an hour in there each evening, trying to keep myself occupied.

The daytimes will be spent learning, and it will be a lot to take in, so I know my mind will be occupied. I trust Daf implicitly, and know that he’ll be absolutely fine for the week. It doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye and get on that train, though. The evenings will be tough; the nights even tougher. Just the thought of going five days without a snuggle and a sticky slobbery kiss makes me feel almost hollow in the pit of my stomach.

All I can do is remember what my own mum told me. The next hug is always the best one. When I’m missing SB and Daf, all I have to do is think about the next big cuddle; stepping off the train on Friday afternoon and giving them the biggest hug ever.

Knowing that I am doing this to provide for my family will get me through the week.

The next hug will be the best.

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6 thoughts on “Going Away

  1. Faye Elizabeth says:

    Awh! I couldn’t imagine going away for a week. I’ve actually not applied for certain jobs because they require training away, I can’t bring myself to brave it yet!
    I hope the week flies by for you x


  2. Mum in Brum says:

    Aw, like you I’ve only been away from Taylor for a couple of nights – it’s crazy how much you miss them when they’re not with you. Hopefully the training will be a great distraction and as you say, the next hug will be the best #KCACOLS


  3. wendy says:

    Aww 5 days is a long time but you’ll be so busy with training I’m sure it will fly by. How exciting you have got yourself a job though, congrats! Just think how happy SB will be to see you on Friday, you’ll get the biggest hug ever. Good luck with your training.

    Thanks for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Hopeto see you again next Sunday x


  4. Bojana says:

    OMG this is something I think about constantly and it is the main reason I’m not applying for my dream job- one that requires twice-yearly retreats with the company. The pay is amazing and would do wonders for my little family, but I can’t shake off the dread of leaving my 2.5 year old behind! Keen to know how others get through it and it’ll be interesting to read a follow-up 🙂


  5. A Moment with Franca says:

    Aww I understand what you mean. I have only been away overnight once when I had only Bella and I did it again just recently that I was invited to a Hotel Launch in Windsor. It was very strange though but so much needed. It was just one night so not sure how will it be to have 5 nights away. But that night that I slept in this hotel without my girls was great!! lol I had a good sleep which I was missing a lot. The next morning I was rested and so looking forward to see them. So I guess sometimes it worth it. I guess you are now back home and I hope you managed to go through the week. Congratulations with the new job. How exciting is that!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS, 🙂 x


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