SB’s 22 Month Update?!

Remember around this time last year, when every update began with “No. No. NO”, because I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my baby was almost one?

It’s even worse this year. Every month reminds us that SB is edging closer and closer to the “Terrible Twos”, and in April – just two months from now! – she’ll be turning two years old. It’s been a while since I did a development update, so realising she’s 22 months old has taken me by surprise!

I’m torn between “Where’s my baby gone?” and “I absolutely love this stage”.


I know I’ve said this every single time, but I am loving SB at this stage. She’s so funny. She’s my little buddy – she loves to hold hands (unless she sees something particularly interesting, in which case it’s a game of catch-the-toddler to stop her sticking her hands in dog poo or whatever gross discovery she’s made), she’s a little chatterbox, she is into everything and copies us constantly.


I call her “my chicken” and she replies “bok bok” (she’s slowly learning animal noises – we’ve mastered “woof woof”, “moo” and what I can only assume is “baa”, because it’s the noise she makes every time I mention sheep…). When Daf tells her off for doing something, she’ll mimic his pose and say “No” very sternly, complete with finger waggling. Phones are the big obsession at the moment – heaven forbid we should try and have a phone call without including her!


She’s also starting to grasp the idea that family live away from us – she’ll quite often say “nanny?” or “yandad?”, staring out of the window and getting excited because she thinks they’re visiting (cue heartbreak when she realises they aren’t, which is the reason why I’ve made several speakerphone calls to my parents over the last few weeks, so that SB can hear their voices at least!).


She’s a little sponge and soaks up everything (hence a sudden, rapid improvement in the language Daf and I are using around the house!), and she’s really starting to enjoy imaginary play – the doctors kit we got her for Christmas is getting plenty of use! She’s also been working really hard on her “faces” – it’s something my parents used to do with me when I was her age (probably why I’ve now got a degree in acting!), so we’ve taken to doing it with SB too, and it’s now her party trick!


Of course, there’s still the odd tantrum – and we know the worst is yet to come, we’re well aware of that! – but by and large, she’s a happy girl. The dummy is being used less and less, she shares nicely and loves to be around others. I think we’re being eased in gently to the ‘Terrible Twos’, as I have a feeling this cheeky girl is planning on putting us through our paces over the coming months!


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