It’s The Best Day Of The Year!

No, I haven’t posted this a day early. Christmas Eve is the best day of the year.

“Sacrilege!”, I hear you cry. “What about presents? What about turkey? What about checking to see if Santa has been?”.

I draw your attention to this quote –


(I believe it’s called “anticipation”, but I digress)

Christmas Eve is the best day of the year, because you know what is coming tomorrow, and you have a day full of excitement. Christmas Eve is the perfect day for traditions – wrapping up warm and going for a walk; a special breakfast/dinner, a trip out to see all of the Christmas lights nearby.

This is exciting for us – it’s only our second Christmas Eve as our own little family, so we’re still creating our own traditions. We’re going to have sausage sandwiches for breakfast, and tonight SB will have a special children’s LUSH bath bomb in her bath, setting out a mince pie and some reindeer food before bed.

Christmas day is wonderful. It’s a day for family and friends and love – but I still get that excited feeling on Christmas Eve, because it’s the most magical day of the year. Tracking Santa on NORAD, reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas” before bedtime – these are the strongest memories I have from my childhood Christmases, are the ones from Christmas Eve.

Whoever you are, and wherever you’re reading this blog from right now, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with love and happiness. If you are hoping for just a quiet, uneventful day, I hope you get it – if you’re hoping for a big, riotous, screaming Christmas with festivities and fun, I hope your day is everything you’re hoping for (and that you’ve stocked up on headache medication).

Merry Christmas to all, love from Maddy, Daf and SB xx


3 thoughts on “It’s The Best Day Of The Year!

  1. Mrs Lighty says:

    Merry Christmas to you all too! I’m with you to some extent – although not just on Christmas Eve – I love the general build up to Christmas! Hoping you get everything you’re wishing for too and looking forward to reading more of your posts in 2016 xxx


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