Butlins: Day Three!

So as morning dawned bright and early in Minehead, we were ready to make the most of our last full day at Butlins! Despite a rocky start – nothing that was Butlins’ fault and all to do with sheer bad luck really – we were having a fantastic time, and were on an absolute high from seeing SB meet Santa the night before!

butlins 3.png

We went for breakfast, with SB looking even more festive than the day before’s Rudolph jumper, in her little Santa dress!

She had a proper breakfast selection – a sausage, some beans, some jam toast and a bowl of mandarin slices with yoghurt! She ate bits and pieces of everything – the dining plan is such a great way of testing out toddler tastebuds and finding new things for them to eat!

Then we went back to the Skyline pavillion, and spent a little time wandering around – we collected our photos with Santa, and SB had her first Babycino. The ‘dance floor’ was roped off and everyone in the deckchairs was doing Silent Cinema, which looked fab – The Polar Express was on the huge screen, and everyone had their headphones in listening to the audio! It’s such a great idea.

We went back to the fairground, as it was time for another ride on the carousel – this time, SB and I sat in the carriage while Daf went on a horse, and she loved waving to him and christened his horse “Bob”. Then, we had another First – SB’s first time on a trampoline! She absolutely loved it!

After lunch – another Soho Coffee Co lunchtime (I can highly recommend the BBQ chicken panini!) – we went swimming again. It was much quieter and we had a great time – SB loved floating around in the main pool as the waves from the wave pool came through to us. We went on the Lazy River, which was great fun, and Daf went on the Master Blaster slide – he was surprised by how fast it was! The pool at Butlins is amazing – our only criticism would be the lack of baby changing tables considering how many little ones are there!

Of course, that wasn’t helped by the fact that a woman went into the baby changing room with her two older children and just used the changing table as a shelf for their stuff, but that was her being inconsiderate and not any fault of Butlins themselves. They could definitely do with more baby change facilities though – maybe some baby changing tables scattered about as well as the ones in the baby changing rooms themselves?

We did a bit of exploring around the site and took some photos, and we went for an ice cream at Scoop, the on-site ice cream parlour. Again, I cannot fault the customer service. The lady who served us – I think her name was Deanna – was an absolute star, so lovely and chatty, and SB had the ‘Pinochio’ sundae – we were amazed by it, super cute and SB loved it!

After a nap it was time for dinner. Yet again the food cannot be faulted; there’s such a variety and it was great to be able to try SB with a variety of different foods. She loved the Annabel Karmel pasta especially, and because there was plastic cutlery and plates,  she could really experiment with feeding herself and she did pretty well… even though at one point she started cuddling each piece of pesto pasta before she ate it…

We went back to the Skyline for a bit, and SB went on her favourite ride of all – a little train that went around and around. Finally it was time for bed – we were all tired after another long, fun day, and had to be up early in time for travelling home the next day!


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