Where Are My Morals?

As you may have noticed, in the last week I hosted a giveaway on the blog – a chance to win a carbon monoxide alarm, alongside a post I was asked to write by a company. This is something I’ve said in the not-too-recent past that I’d never do.

Trust me when I say I had more than one sleepless night over this. Of course, it’s nice that my biggest moral dilemma keeping me awake at night was whether to write a blog post or not, but it still made for an unpleasant night.


I stand by what I said in the past. I’m not in this to become a ‘big blogger’, or to make money out of my blog, or anything along those lines. If one person gets in touch with me to say my blog has helped them or affected them, I know I’ve done well – and people have come forwards and told me that my blog inspires them, which is lovely and such an incredible compliment to me.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with wanting to be a ‘big blogger’, or hosting sponsored posts or charging companies to appear on the blog – it’s up to the blogger what they want their little corner of the internet to be about, after all. It’s just not me; it’s not the sort of blogger I am.

When the PR for Corgi HomePlan got in touch with me, I was torn. I knew already that if I accepted, I wouldn’t profit at all – we already have a carbon monoxide alarm, so there was no intention of keeping it for myself, and I wasn’t about to start asking for payment because that really would go against what I stand for as a blogger.

On one hand, I had the words I’d written not months ago, saying firmly that I wasn’t a “PR-friendly” blog, I didn’t take part in reviews or sponsored posts. On the other, carbon monoxide awareness is such an important cause, and one that all families – including young families, the primary target of this blog – should be more aware of.

In the end, the decision was made with the help of some Facebook friends, who all reassured me that agreeing to write a post raising awareness of a health issue was not the same as selling my blogging soul to the devil. I wrote the post, it was published, the company were happy – smiles all around.

Has it made me re-evaluate my stance on PR requests? Yes. I’d love to work with PR companies on campaigns that I can really get behind; ones that are important to the audience of my blog and relevant. So you won’t find me reviewing make-up or posting a random sponsored post about yorkshire puddings or anything like that, nor will you find me profiting from any posts I write – but if there’s an issue I’m passionate about, that I want to tell my readers about and the right PR approaches me, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

Have you ever had that moral dilemma? How did you cope with it?


4 thoughts on “Where Are My Morals?

  1. Pog says:

    I don’t think there should be a moral dilemma. What’s the dilemma about? If you write about a product, some mums might find out about it, but it’s not like they’re going to buy an awful product. You’re pretty great and all but you don’t control minds with your writing. 😛 People can make their own decisions.

    The only time when you need to really think about accepting or rejecting a PR proposal and assess your own beliefs and values is when that proposal is part of a greenwashing initiative, a PR crisis management effort, or a project aiming to manipulate a topic. Other than that, you’re safe from doing any harm, and you shouldn’t lose sleep over it. This is your space, you’re in full control.


  2. Lucy says:

    I’m very new and very small, so the issue hasn’t come up. But I did think about it when I started blogging – if the opportunity ever did arise to make money, would I take it? I work for a charity and am generally pretty anti-consumer, so making money is not a real drive for me. I decided I would do what you have done here – feature products if they fit my ethics (or, in this case, are life saving). I would also write a ‘sponsored’ post to promote a cause/charity I believe in (though knowing me, would probably do it for free).

    Don’t lose any more sleep – you clearly have very strong morals and I doubt any of your readers would judge you for featuring products/issues that fit with them


  3. Abby Boid says:

    If it looks and feels right to you, if it doesn’t insult your readership, if you strongly believes it helps
    Improve lives or at least does not make a negative imprint then go for it.


  4. Robyn says:

    I don’t see any conflict of interest in your case, it sounds like you didn’t gain anything from it except for an opportunity to raise awareness about an issue you care about. I get a little bit bored reading blogs that are heavily into brand collaborations, but I’ve done one or two and they were fun. A giveaway is a great way to increase readership, which means I might create some new blogging relationships. It can be nice to try out a product that I wouldn’t normally get on my very limited personal budget and the product gives me a bit of a writing prompt. I’m not interested in writing an advertisement for a brand, but I’m very keen to find creative ways to include a product in personal anecdote. At the end of the day I spend a lot of time on my blog and it is nice to get a little something back, we each have our own ambitions 🙂


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