SB’s First Comic Con

I think it says a lot about us as parents that we consider this to be every bit as important an occasion as any other major milestone. As geeky parents, today was SB’s equivalent of a first holy communion – her first step towards full geekdom; following in our footsteps as all-out nerds.

comic con.png

Wales Comic Con is held twice a year at Glyndwr University in Wrexham – and, as Glyndwr is my old university and very very close to where we live, we’d have been mad to miss out on it! The last few times, SB has been too young for it all – and the April 2014 con was scheduled for my due date, so we decided to give that one a miss too – so we were all pretty excited to get involved.

When the tickets for this winter’s con – held on November 29th – were released, I bought Early Bird tickets straight away, and we couldn’t wait!

Of course, what comic con trip is complete without cosplay? I knew I’d be spending much of the day carrying SB, so I went for a nice easy costume – a red top, green leggins, an iron-on patch and a facepainted mask ‘transformed’ me into Robin for the day.


Meanwhile, Daf got a chance to use his Captain America costume, which led to plenty of people requesting photos with him…


But the star of the show was, of course, SB. After a successful test run at Hallowe’en, we decided to use the Mr Staypuft costume again – and it was a big hit! Everywhere we went we heard “Ahhhh”s, and so many people stopped us to ask if it was alright if they took a picture!


One of the things that struck me (in a really good way) was how polite everyone was. We didn’t notice anyone taking a picture without asking first – at first, I wondered whether that was because she was so young, but there were loads of fantastic cosplayers, and everyone was getting permission before they took pictures.

Lately, comic cons have been displaying posters and banners to remind people of the basic rules and etiquette of cosplay – ask before taking photographs, don’t criticise anyone else’s costume, remember that people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities have every right to cosplay as whatever character they want, and – arguably the most important – that cosplay does not equal consent. It was great to see people following these rules at the comic con yesterday!

There were lots of things to see and do – in addition to the main hall, where stars of film, TV and comics were signing autographs and merchandise, there was a gaming tent with so many TVs and consoles set up for people to play some retro and modern games, food stalls, an owl rescue, a comic book shop and loads of Q&As and panels taking place! Of course, after a lot of walking around, SB was absolutely shattered, so we went for a nap…


Once she was all refreshed and rested, it was time to get back in there! We had a great time, and SB loved being Oohed and Aahed at! We entered her into the Cosplay Masquerade – she’d loved showing off her costume during the day, and what a great thing to say she’d done at her first ever Con!

There were a few delays, so the masquerade was late starting making it quite a long day for young children, but plenty of people stuck around to watch and SB was such a little trooper, smiling away through it all. Before long, it was “our” turn to get up on stage (I say “our” because SB couldn’t exactly go up on stage on her own, so either Daf or I had to go onstage, and as the ex-theatre student, there really wasn’t much argument to be had), and SB was a little pro – she beamed at the judges, strutted across the stage, grinned and waved at the audience as they “Ahhhhh”ed appropriately, and then walked back offstage. What a champ!

She didn’t win – there were some INCREDIBLE costumes, and very worthy winners – but she definitely got the biggest ‘Awww’ of the day, and loved the experience, and that was really all that mattered for us – just getting to say that SB took part in her first Cosplay Masquerade at less than two years old is pretty cool, and cements her geek credentials, if I do say so myself!

Any other geek parents out there? Have you attempted a comic con with your little ones? Let me know in the comments! Read more about Wales Comic Con here!

Happy Diaries

8 thoughts on “SB’s First Comic Con

  1. Faye Elizabeth says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to a con but because I’ve never been, i do that whole self conscious thing where “would I fit in” is something I ask myself! But, I think it’s great and if I do ever go, willow will 120% be coming with us! I’d dress her as a Pokemon and make her dad go as Ash or something! Me? I’d gender bend Dean Winchester lol


  2. nightwisprav3n says:

    I’ve never been to comic con here in the U.S and I’ve always wanted to go to one and I think it’s awesome that you took your little one to her first one. Those are going to be some great memories for you and great stories to tell her when she’s older:-) #happydiaries


  3. The Anxious Dragon says:

    Aww, she looks so sweet in her staypuff outfit. We have a few comic con evwnts near us, but I have never been. My inner geek craves knights and castles rather than super heros.Your lucky to have a multi tallented geek fella. Thanks for sharing, Tracey xx #happydiaries


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