Let The Battle Commence

The battle of wills, that is. In true toddler style, SB has decided it’s time to start putting us through our paces – and boy, is she testing us.

battle of wills

Dinnertime the other night went something like this –

SB is sitting at her brand new toddler table, about to tuck into ‘delicious’ fish pie. 

Me: Are you going to have a bite of this?

SB: Nah.

Me: It’s tasty! Mmmmm (pretend eating). 

SB: (Takes a bite, opens her mouth and lets it all fall out). 

Me: Come on, it’s yummy…

We repeat that several times until she finally swallows a bit, and decides she wants some more. Five bites later. 

SB: (Gets up and tries to move away from the table, and stands patiently, waiting for me to spoon more into her mouth). 

Me: No, sit back down. (She stares at me). Sit down nicely. (More goddamn staring). SB, sit down.

SB: (sits down reluctantly). 

(I offer her a spoon of fish pie). 

SB: Nah.


And repeat.

I know it’s a battle of wills, and it’s just a case of toughing it out. In the end she ate the entire bowl of fish pie, and all but a little bit of her ice cream dessert – but it was a fight. A pretty funny fight, considering how adorably bad she is at sulking, but a fight nonetheless.

Is this toddlerhood? Is this our life now; engaging in a last-man-standing with a 20-month old at every mealtime?

I love you, SB… but so far, the score is Parents = 1, You = 0. This is just the beginning.

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9 thoughts on “Let The Battle Commence

  1. This Mum's Life says:

    I am going through this x 2 at the moment…! Both boys still in ‘toddlerhood’, or Soddlers as I’ve taken to referring to them as! Every, single, thing, throughout our day is a fight. Mealtimes, getting dressed, putting their coats and shoes on, arguing about where we are going, arguing when we are coming home from where we’ve been, getting in the bath…I won’t go on, you get the picture!! All I can say is, I was embarrassed at the amount of wine bottles in my recycling box today…! Good luck!!!!!!!


  2. Kayla says:

    The toddler battles are real! Congrats on winning the first one! That’s an awesome accomplishment. I’m thankful if I win just one by the end of the day. Haha! #fartglitter


  3. Mama says:

    At least you got there in the end. We’ve had weeks of meal refusal. Nothing more depressing than preparing a meal you’re 90% sure your tot will refuse to eat. He can get most of his nutrients from yogurt and Cheerios, right?
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x


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