Not A Crafty Mummy…

My Instagram, Pinterest and WordPress feeds are filled with fantastic craft ideas for toddlers right now. It’s the run up to Christmas, so it makes sense – handmade crafts make perfect presents, and it’s lovely to have decorations that you can look back on in years to come and think “Ahh, this was made by my child when they were two years old!”.

I love looking at these posts and pictures, don’t get me wrong – I am always in awe of people’s crafting skills and abilities, and the amazing things they can produce with a couple of potatoes and some glitter glue, but it spurs some feelings of serious inadequacy. You see, I am the opposite of a crafty mummy.

I’m not horrendous at crafting. I mean, I made SB’s Hallowe’en costume (which I need to recreate this week ready for Comic Con on Sunday…), which involved painting a babygro… but that was it, really. Daf made most of the little hat, which was by far the craftiest part of the ensemble. DSC_0233.JPG

You see, Daf is amazing at arts and crafts. His drawings are incredible; he does cosplay, he loves getting paints out – he’s truly talented when it comes to anything arty. I am quite the opposite. I can draw cartoons on a good day – my picture of SB being one example of a ‘good day’ – but apart from that, hand me a tube of glitter glue and all I can make is a mess.


I’ll gladly facilitate arts and crafts sessions – I love sitting on the floor with SB, masses of A3 paper spread out before us and going crazy with our crayons. Once we have a toddler table, I’ll even stretch to PVA glue and as many lollipop sticks and cotton wool balls as her heart desires – but the problem comes when we want to attempt crafts that require an adult’s help. I may be an adult, but when it comes to arts and crafts I am totally and utterly inept.

We made SB’s Easter bonnet back in April – or rather, Daf made it, and I stuck loads of stickers all over it to decorate, and glued the eggs into the nest on top. Beyond that, however, I fear I am hopeless. For years to come, every craft project – every tissue-box-and-cardboard-roll guitar, every sock puppet, every bridge-made-of-straws (see, I’m great at ideas, just awful at the execution) will be strictly Daddy’s Domain.

Of course, I wish I could produce Pinterest-perfect potato prints and Instagram-ready cardboard masterpieces – but not being a crafty mum doesn’t make me a worse mum. Maybe one day my skills will improve, and I’ll be capable of producing epic, artful masterpieces out of pipe cleaners and fuzzy felt, but for now, SB seems pretty happy with a slightly-sketchy drawing of a Christmas tree on a big piece of printer paper for her to draw tinsel on or fire, when she gets liberal with the orange crayon – and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters.

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19 thoughts on “Not A Crafty Mummy…

  1. beautybabyandme says:

    This is brilliant and I can so relate to it – I am useless at crafts myself despite my MIL insisting on having a crafting weekend every year and trying to get me to go! Having said that I managed a sock snowman the other day for fun so maybe I’m improving 🙂 xxx great post #justanotherlinky


  2. mumisthewordblog says:

    I absolutely love messy, arty play but like you, my skills are seriously lacking. But I just think it’s the thought that counts, your little SB will look back and say my mum spent time with me, we used to do all sorts of crafts and that’s the most important thing in the world. What a lovely post. As usual! #justanotherlinky


  3. Jenna says:

    I mean, it depends who it is you want to impress with your craft skills? Other adults or your little girl? The reason I say this is because I worked in a nursery and the kids there were utterly awe-inspired by my drawings. They’d come up to me and beg me to draw pictures for them to colour in because they were ‘so good’.

    And do you know what? I cannot draw for toffee. But kids are easily impressed so when it comes to crafting, I imagine your skills will be at least slightly better than SBs 😉 so she will be in awe of you, also.

    Don’t put pressure at yourself to be awesome at it, just enjoy the process. She won’t remember how things looked in years to come, she’ll remember doing the activity with her mummy. 🙂 xxx

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  4. markusj75 says:

    This is such a lovely post! I am the same. I can’t draw for toffee. I’m rubbish at arts & crafts. I only took woodwork back when I was at school because guys who took home economics ( ie Cookery ) back then were mercilessly bullied. I bet I would have been much better at Home Ec than woodwork! #KCACOLS


  5. markusj75 says:

    Not sure if my first attempt of commenting actually got through or not, so here it is again.

    Back when I went to school in Germany any boy who took Home economics ( or cooking ) was mercilessly bullied. Which is how I came to chose woodwork! I failed miserably I got a D in that class! I can’t draw for toffee and got a D in art as well. So yes having twins I don’t actually do much arts and crafts with them as I find it extremely difficult and to be perfectly honest quite boring too! #KCACOLS


  6. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks says:

    I am the least pinterest perfect crafter ever. But I try and we do. A lot of our crafts are limited adult involvement for this! But we still do them (and I do still post them) because although I love the pretty things I think that the world needs to see that people don’t always get things perfect and still have fun! #kcacols


  7. wendy says:

    Totally relate to this. I love doing crafts but they never, ever look like how they are supposed to! Leo enjoys just playing with all the supplies and making a mess so as long as he’s having fun who cares if the end result looks a bit off. Not being crafty definitely doesn’t make you a worse mum!xx #KCACOLS


  8. Coombe Mill says:

    Do you know what when my kids were young I would have said the same, now they are all growing up and I’m doing crafts with the children who visit here on holiday I’ve discovered I’;m quite good at it, I think when my kids were young it just felt like one thing I didn’t have the time or energy for and was happy to leave it to playgroup to do with them, I don’t regret this, we did other things together in free time, mostly having fun outdoors on the farm and day trips. Everything has its time and place and I say play to your strengths. #KCACOLS


  9. Rachel (Lifeofmyfamilyandme) says:

    Love the hat! That is a really good drawing that you have drawn! I am only good at arts and crafts if there are simple instructions that i can follow haha! I am thankful my two girls love arts ans crafts and are both good at it too phew! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


  10. cvnxena says:

    I know the feeling! That halloween costume is amazing though! I’ve been starting with little easy things in the hope that something more intricate won’t seem so big and scary! but I think i am a long way off the pinterest marvels we see! #KCACOLS


  11. traceyb1981 says:

    I am completely useless at arts and crafts too a big total pinterest fail! I don’t think I could of even managed to make a halloween outfit as good as that! #KCACOLS


  12. mommyslittleprincesses says:

    Oh how adorable is SB in her halloween costume you made and that drawing is super cute! I agree not being a crafty mom doesn’t make you a bad one. And do you know what the most important thing is the fact that you try and that’s what counts. Xx #KCACOLS


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