The Daddy Diaries #7: The Future

Here we have it – the very last Daddy Diaries! It’s been seven weeks since the series began, and we’ve been so pleased with the response to it. Daf is really touched that you’ve all enjoyed hearing parenting from his viewpoint, and I’ve loved doing these interviews. Looks like we’ll now have to go back to our regular evening schedule of sitting on the sofa, staring at our respective laptops and ignoring each other 😉 

In this week’s Daddy Diaries, Daf is looking towards the future, and what it might hold for us…

daddy diaries 7

Do you want more children in the future? How many do you want in total? 

I want as many as my lovely spouse will allow. (I swear I did not tell him to say that! He said it all of his own accord… he clearly wants something… -M) We’ve discussed it, and three is a nice number. Maybe more.


Will you do anything differently with future children? 

A lot of people say “no” when they answer this question, but I think some of them are kidding themselves. The first baby is a total culture shock, and I think every parent would make an effort not to make any mistakes with Baby #2 that they might have made with #1. On a personal level, I will remember that it is okay put the next baby in the crib before they’re three weeks old. That might help.


What sort of sister do you envision SB being? 

Trouble! She will be amazing. She’s so kind and funny, and she’ll definitely look out for her siblings. She already loves taking care of people, comforting them if they look sad or ill. She’ll be amazing – I know I’m biased, but I don’t care!


What is your greatest fear for SB’s future? 

We live in a society where if you do not fit into a neat little ‘norm’, you are judged. I worry that she will feel unable to be who she wants to be, for fear of being judged.


What is your greatest wish for her future? 

That society changes, so she can be whoever she wants to be without worrying about being judged. 


Do you think you know all there is to know about fatherhood? 

(At this point, Daf requested that I write down the following to describe his reaction…) *stares in disbelief at the absurdity of the question*… Yes. #Sarcasm.


What does your ideal life look like in five years’ time? 

I do want us to have a bigger family, and just to be spending time with my amazing family is the ideal future for me. Also, we will have adopted seventeen more hamsters.


Does the future seem brighter since you became a father? 

Yes… and a whole lot scarier. But I know as long as I have my family, everything will be alright.


The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

5 thoughts on “The Daddy Diaries #7: The Future

  1. The Anxious Dragon says:

    He wants to run a hamster Zoo??
    I think SB is a lucky girl to have such a daddy. I understand what he meams too about rhe world being better but scarier. Thats how I felt when I had my boys.
    This has been a great seriese and I hope we will hear from Daf again on other subjects in the future. Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything xx


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