Tough Times

After September being the Month From Hell™, I really thought we were due a good month from October. After all, it’s the month I graduate – it’s got to be great, right?

Apparently not. The results from the MRI scan I had at the end of September came back. I called for the results and was told that it had come back clear – good news, obviously, but I couldn’t help feel like we were back to square one. What is causing this pain? Then, at a GP appointment, I was told that actually, they just couldn’t see the area on the MRI – so the answer is, we still don’t know. I’m seeing a surgeon in November, so then I’ll get more of an idea of whether they’re going to whip my appendix out anyway, do a laparoscopy to check what is actually going on in there, or let me plod along with Tramadol.

My blood results came back as, and I quote, “acceptable… for you”. I could have chosen to be offended by that (are they suggesting my blood is weird?) but I knew what they meant. I’ve been anaemic since I was fourteen, they ignore my low iron levels these days and just focus on whatever else they’re testing my blood for! Although I do think they’re horrendously low at the moment – I can’t stand up without almost passing out, and dizzy spells are an hourly occurrence. Something weird is going on with my body, but we seem to be getting to the bottom of it, thankfully.

I didn’t just write this post to whine about being poorly, though. I wrote it to explain that if there’s a distinct lack of blog posts over the next few weeks, I’m sorry. I’ve been on a roll the last few weeks, blogging pretty much every day, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to sustain that while I’m feeling so poorly. I could surprise myself and come out with a load of posts, but this is just an advanced warning that if it goes a bit quiet, you should enjoy it while it lasts 😉

The job hunt is still ongoing, even though there’s not a huge amount I can do when I spend most of my time in my PJs under the duvet in this much pain, but I’m trying to be productive with my time – the Stork Academy journalism course and learning a little bit of code is keeping me busy, along with editing the book and working on part 2.

SB is keeping us on our toes too. She’s got a nasty cough at the moment, and what appears to be the start of conjunctivitis, so that could mean a few restless nights for us as we make sure she’s okay and try to keep her comfortable. During the day she’s her usual happy self, thankfully, and is even full of smiles when she’s coughing and spluttering in the night.

Daf is being an absolute gem; he’s taken such great care of me and SB. We’re so pleased that so many of you are enjoying The Daddy Diaries – there’s still a few parts to come, so keep an eye out for that, as I’ll make sure that gets released every Tuesday. Apart from that, updates could be sporadic over the next few weeks, but you’ll all probably be glad of the radio silence!

I’ll leave you with a picture of a poorly, smiley SB, snuggled up with her Daddy…



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