Sundays With SB #3 – Lazy Day

After a beautiful day out at Erddig National Trust gardens last weekend, this weekend has been a much more sedate affair. I’ve spent a lot of the weekend feeling pretty rubbish, so we’ve spent most of the weekend indoors – it’s been grim outside anyway, and SB still can’t quite shake this cough.

We saw family yesterday, and cleaned out the hamsters – SB met Annie for the first time, chasing her ball around the living room (under close supervision, of course!) and spent a lot of time on her rocking horse.

Today, we’ve been out for lunch with Suzy and Doug, our friends from university, and SB went out on the park at the restaurant and slid down the slide for the first time. Now we’re all at home, and after a long nap, we’re all slobbed out on the sofa watching “Charlie and Lola” (a welcome relief from In The Night Garden!).

SB has been making her sporting allegiance clear again too – it’s a good weekend for us, as despite two losing results, Wales are through to the next round in the Rugby World Cup, and have also qualified for Euro 2016!

I love our trips out – but sometimes, it’s nice to just stay at home of a weekend.

DSC_0071 DSC_0001 DSC_0047 DSC_0065


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