Good lord.

How are we at eighteen months? SB is a year and a half old. It certainly doesn’t feel like a year and a half since we held that tiny little screaming pink thing in our arms for the first time, marvelling at her tiny fingers and toes and her little button nose.

And now, SB is a little lady. She’s a true toddler in every sense of the word – not only is she walking everywhere (although running seems more accurate), she knows what she wants and is determined to get it. So here’s SB’s eighteen month development update.

DSC_0172 DSC_0073 DSC_0312


Walking is going really well, but we’ve encountered a new obstacle – SB has suddenly developed a sense of direction. You may think this is a good thing, but it’s thrown up some interesting side effects. If she decides she’s going to walk somewhere, you bet your bottom she’s going to walk there whether you like it or not. This is especially true of when we’re walking in public, so if she decides she’s going down an aisle in a supermarket, we either follow her down that aisle, or she throws herself onto the floor and screams, refusing to take another step. As a result of this, she spends most of her time being carried in public.


SB is a real little chatterbox. She’s found a new love for talking, and will copy pretty much everything we say – it’s definitely time to stop swearing now – as well as coming out with a few words of her own! We’re at the stage of stringing some words together – she says ‘Stop it’, ‘Go away’ and ‘Where Daddy?’ (we’ll start working on some more polite phrases soon, hopefully) – and has a really good understanding. If Daf goes out the door, she’ll point at the door and say ‘Gone’. She asks for games ‘again’, and one of her favourite words at the moment is ‘Baby’. She also says ‘puppy’ – which is well-timed, seeing as my parents are getting a new puppy!


SB has twelve teeth, including four molars, and she’s currently sprouting teeth 13, 14, 15 and 16. We’ve had an… “interesting” time of it this month, with teething and tantrums, and she’s been drool central, but it finally seems to be easing off – not that I’ve seen any new teeth yet to show for it. Dentinox has worked pretty well, but unfortunately now that she has other teeth, she has a nasty habit of chomping down on our fingers as we try to rub it into her gums, leaving marks. We’ve taken to using the sharky brush I linked to in a previous post about teething – we rub a little dentinox into the bristles, and she chews on the brush, rubbing it into her gums.


After spending the last year as a virtual tiny human dustbin, SB is finally starting to develop some likes and dislikes. We’ve established that she’s not keen on broccoli, and has started to eat around the hummous whenever she has it on crackers or breadsticks, so we can assume that she isn’t crazy on hummous either. Getting her to eat healthily is still going well – she loves her fruit, and has a snack every day of strawberry, raspberry and banana in a bowl. This month we also discovered a range of cheap kids ready meals from Morrisons, which came in handy when we’ve been in a rush – she loves the fish pie, and absolutely walloped a bowl full of it, so that’s a major hit! She’s really exercising her independence and uses the fork herself a lot of the time – although she has a habit of getting bored halfway through and using her fingers. That’s fine when it’s a bowl of pasta… not so great when it’s fish fingers covered in beans.

So, that’s SB’s eighteen month update. I can’t believe we’re halfway to two years old already – where is my tiny baby going? I really am loving this stage, despite the tantrums – she knows her own mind, but still loves cuddles and snuggles, and has fallen asleep on me quite a lot in the past few days, which is lovely. She loves the TV – ‘Frozen’ is still a favourite, but she also likes ‘Charlie and Lola’, which is a welcome change to In The Fecking Night Garden. Although my time as a stay at home mum has been pretty limited, I’ve loved it – this age has been my favourite so far.


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