Drowning In Drool

There’s no two ways about it. SB is officially drowning in drool.

Not only is the poor thing teething like mad, she’s also got some kind of toddler version of freshers’ flu, making her feel really under the weather. She spent most of last night alternating between being totally crashed out asleep, and waking up crying. We tried to shush her back to sleep as much as possible, but cuddles were the only remedy in the end. We had a nice long snuggle while D had a shower, and then D came in and had a cuddle, and then she went back off to sleep without a fuss.

This morning she was still feeling sorry for herself, but she’s a lot brighter now, and it was a relief to see her smiling again! She’s got a bright red cheek, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just teething rather than something like slapped cheek, and that she’ll be feeling a litle brighter soon! Sharky is helping with the teething pain, but she seems to drool more when she has him – she’s soaking through her t-shirts at a terrifying rate.

I hate it when my baby is poorly – I start to question my parenting abilities, especially when it seems like we can’t do anything to help. Of course, it’s no reflection on us as parents – I know as well as anyone that sometimes, you just feel like crap, and despite everyone’s best efforts there’s nothing anyone can do to take that feeling away – but that feeling of helplessness is horrible.

Last night, after I’d slathered her chest and feet in Snufflebabe (rubbing it on the feet really works!), changed her nappy, we’d given her calpol and rubbed Dentinox into her gums (getting bitten repeatedly in the process, ouch!), I was feeling like a pretty terrible mum. What else could I do? She was crying and miserable, her poor little face scrunched up, her chubby little hands balled into fists as she kicked and wailed. When you have such a happy toddler, it’s so odd to see them upset and crying – it feels like going back to the newborn days again. Everyone remarks on how SB never stops smiling, but last night, that smile was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, she reached out her pudgy little arms for me, and I picked her up. I tried rocking her whilst standing up, but she didn’t enjoy it – so I sat down. Normally, she hates being sat down, especially if someone is holding her. Last night though, she flopped her head onto my shoulder, wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled in close – cuddles were what she needed. When she got uncomfortable, I changed her nappy, and there it was – a tired, poorly smile. Just what I needed to see to let me know that even though I wasn’t taking the pain away, even though I couldn’t stop her nose from running and her gums from hurting, and I couldn’t promise her a peaceful night’s sleep, I was trying my best to make it better, giving her cuddles and comfort and rocking her back to sleep – and to her, that was enough.

The Twinkle Diaries

One thought on “Drowning In Drool

  1. Lowanda J says:

    Oh, it broke my heart to read this. So sorry that your baby isn’t feeling well and I hope she feels better soon. As I was reading this, you mentioned so many things that I’m not aware of. My boys are 21 now so things have truly changed as far as remedies for illnesses and teething I guess. So glad you were able to comfort her in the end. #TwinklyTuesday


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