Sundays with SB #1 – The Sun is Shining!

After a bleak start to autumn, with drizzle and wind and chilly weather, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to summer making a brief comeback! It’s warm and sunny, with barely any clouds in the sky – perfect to get out and about!

We took SB into town, where our university (I have to get used to saying “D’s university” now, as I no longer go there!) is holding a funday for a local charity. There was lots going on – face painting, fairground rides, bouncy castle and lots of stalls and events. It was all a bit much for SB, who’s been in a bad mood the past few days – I think teeth are to blame – so we didn’t stay long, but it looked like a great day, and I can’t wait until SB can go on some of the rides and bouncy castle in a couple of years!

Although she was feeling miserable, there was nothing a ride on Daddy’s shoulders couldn’t fix – check out that grin!

DSC_0131 DSC_0126

We went into town to get some more books – since SB’s been taking more of an interest in reading lately, I’m more than happy to encourage it! We picked up some more Julia Donaldson books – Stick Man, What the Ladybird Heard and the Welsh translation of The Gruffalo – and while we were there, SB took  a liking to a cuddly toy of the Gruffalo’s Child, so of course, she came home with us!

Since getting home, SB has been seriously clingy. She’s clinging to me like a limpet, which is making D feel a bit low, but I think it’s just a security thing, and she just wants one person – it’s not anything against D. She’s been cuddling up to the Gruffalo’s Child, and is now on my lap, chewing on the Sharky teething brush we bought a few months back. It certainly seems to be doing the trick for her!


I’m feeling under the weather too. I’ve got an MRI on Wednesday which should give some answers, but they still can’t be sure it’s not appendicitis, so it’s a trip to A&E if I start being sick. Having my appendix out doesn’t sound ideal, but I’m prepared for it – especially if this turns out to be an abcess on my appendix, like they’ve said it could be. Not the best start to my year as a stay-at-home mum, but things could be worse. For today, though, I’m on the sofa in my pyjamas, chock-full of Tramadol, and looking forwards to seeing SB’s godmother Steph, one of our closest friends, who is coming over a bit later.

I’m going to start doing Sundays with SB as a weekly feature – Sundays are our family day, and we try to do something fun, whether it’s swimming, days out or even just a play day at home.

There’s lots of exciting things coming to the blog soon – a series of interviews with D, about his experiences supporting me in my studies, balancing being a dad with his studies, and his experiences of supporting a young parent and adapting to fatherhood – The Speed Bump Daddy Diaries!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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