Ten things young parents are SO sick of hearing…

Yeah, that witty thought that’s popped into your head? Just… just don’t…. 

  1. Was it planned? Seriously, this is the most common question we’ve had since we announced the pregnancy – and we still get it to this day, now SB is almost eighteen months old. I don’t think people realise how rude this question is – would you ask a married couple in their thirties if they planned to conceive or just forgot to put something on the end of it? source - existential-crisis-grl
  2. What did your mum say? I was a nineteen year old woman and people’s primary concern was the reaction of my parents. Weirdly, this one was always accompanied by a dramatic gasp, as if tantamount to telling my parents I’ve murdered someone. 
  3. “Think of everything you could have done with your life!” Yes, like graduate with a first class honours degree. Or have a great social life. Or go on fantastic holidays. Oh, wait….bitch, I get to use the heated kiddie pool when we go swimming. What are you doing with your life?                                                source - allreactions, Tumblr
  4. “It’s harder to travel with a baby!”. Fair enough, assuming that travelling is the be-all and end-all, and everyone wants to spend six hot sticky weeks backpacking around the middle of a rainforest getting eaten alive by mosquitos. A) I hate heat and B) flying makes my eardrums burst. Call me crazy, but travelling was never on my to-do list anyway. Source - santin0 on Tumblr
  5. “What would you do if she came home pregnant at 19?” Ooh, that’s a toughie. I don’t know, support her? Be there for her? Be in a better place to understand and help her because I’ve been there too? What a stupid question. What are you expecting me to say; “I’ll kick her out and call her a bloody disgrace”? Source - supernaturalgifscollection on Tumblr
  6. “You’re young, you should have plenty of energy to run around after her!”. If you think this is what a young parent wants to hear when they’re mainlining energy drinks and Lucozade tablets after chasing a toddler all day… let’s just put it this way. You’re wrong.  Source - prettylittle-li4rs on Tumblr
  7. “So when’s the wedding?” Seriously? The 18th century called; they want their opinions back. I thought the days of shotgun weddings were long gone. We don’t want to get married until after we’ve had another baby. Wedlock shmedlock. Source - neveerforget on Tumblr
  8. “I never thought you’d be the one to get pregnant!” Well, you know, they don’t call it ‘unplanned’ pregnancy for nothing. I’m never sure if I’m meant to take this one as a compliment or an insult, but I tend to hedge my bets and go for the latter. Source - wingedearthling on Tumblr
  9. “Do you regret having her?” And the award for ‘Stupidest Question’ goes to… seriously, do you really think I regret the last sixteen months of adventures and squidgy baby cuddles? Here’s the short answer; nope. Source - reactionswithgifs on Tumblr
  10. “I could never be a parent at your age. I wouldn’t want to ruin my life”. Wow. Just wow. I don’t have enough words for this, so I’ll leave you with a gif. Source - allreactiongifs on Tumblr

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