It’s Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, our episode of “Baby Faced Mums” is on the channel 5*, between 8-9pm. I’m really nervous.

I’ll be avoiding Twitter like the plague from about 7:30pm onwards, as the Twitter reaction to last week’s show has been nothing short of disgusting, with people making snap judgements and disgusting comments based on what they’ve seen of someone’s life in the space of fifteen minutes per family. It’s already been described as ‘Fat Slags On Benefits’. Well, I’m quite aware that I’ve still got baby weight to shed (and a lot of it…) but I don’t think I’m a slag, and the only benefits we claim are child benefit and child tax credit, which every parent of any age earning under £27,000 a year is eligible for, but hey, if that’s what you want to call it…

In case anyone sees the blog on the show, as I did film a short segment about it but not sure if they’ll use it, and if you decide to check it out – welcome! I hope, if you have any doubts after watching the show, that reading a slightly larger snapshot of our lives clears things up for you.

If not, and you still have any doubts, well… there’s not going to be any reasoning with you, is there? You’ve made up your mind, and that’s fine. Ignorance is bliss. Sorry, I promise that’s the last passive aggressive “YOU’RE WRONG” comment I’m going to make. From here on in, they shall all be outwardly and unashamedly aggressive.

I am not ashamed of our life, and, assuming that the show hasn’t been edited beyond belief, I will be unashamed of what you see on the programme tomorrow. That really has been our lives for the last year – getting up in the morning, the madness of the getting-ready-rush, dropping SB off at nursery, going to university all day before going home and having family time. And now it’s similar, but for the fact that I go to work rather than university. That’s our life; what you see is what you get.

What I hope will come across more than that is how I feel about the judgements and the stereotypes and the way society views young mothers, and mothers in general. I don’t care if I come across as opinionated or a bitch; what matters more is that you see three things – that I love my daughter more than life itself, that I am proud of my choices and my achievements, and that I will never stop fighting the prejudice and stereotypes young parents are faced with, even when my days of ‘young parenthood’ are long behind me.

The mums on the show so far, by and large, made the choice to get pregnant and tried to concieve. For me, falling pregnant was an accident, but having SB was a choice we made, and the choice I am most proud of. I had an unplanned pregnancy, but SB was not a mistake, and I hope the show will make that distinction – even though I never intended to get pregnant, I don’t regret a thing.

No, I never think about all the things I could have done. No, I don’t miss nights out – I still managed a couple. No, I don’t regret not going on foreign holidays – I hate the heat and I hate nightclubs. No, I don’t regret not “making more of my youth” – I used my youth to make a freaking baby, what else was I supposed to make of it?

I will make no apologies for being proud to be a young mum; I will make no apologies for being proud of my achievements. You’re probably getting the general theme here, but I will apologise for nothing you will see in tomorrow’s show, because that is our life. We’ve always been very much “what you see is what you get”, and hopefully what you’ll see tomorrow is our small family, just doing our best to get by, giving our daughter role models to aspire to and giving her just as good a life as any other child, regardless of their parents’ age.

And if, after watching tomorrow’s episode, you’re still not convinced that we’re good parents, or think that we’re irresponsible, or doubt that we’re good role models for SB – well, just take a look at this, and tell me if you think there is anything to be worried about where this child is concerned (well, apart from my shoddy camera skills)…

DSC_0041 DSC_0331 pic53 pic51


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