A Positive Spin

I’ve started and restarted this post a dozen times over the past couple of days. The words never come out right, and whatever I’ve written has either come across as way too miserable, or extremely angry. The response to ‘Baby Faced Mums’ has shown that there is still a definite stigma and stereotype surrounding parents – not just teenage parents in the sense of under 20s or under 18s, but anyone under the age of around 25 who chooses to have a child or finds themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

The comments were only to be expected really; assuming that every participant on the show claims benefits and lives in a free council house, that we have all dropped out of education and do not work, with no intention of ever working, and that we are all now stuck in a cycle of popping out babies just because we can, so that we can get more money.

I’ve written countless replies stating that that isn’t true, but it falls on deaf ears. People accuse me of lying, or find loopholes, or tell me I’m not like “the other young mums” (you can see exactly what I think of that statement here, in my blog post for the Young Parents Associates website).

So instead of trying to reason with them, or figure out why they’re intent on believing this way, I’m going to spin it around. In fact, I’m going to ignore them.


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