Weekend Picture Project!

So last week, Daf surprised me when I got home from work with a couple of geeky posters – the Game of Thrones house sigils and mottos, and Arkham Knight Harley Quinn, in case you’re wondering – and some poster frames. Unfortunately, when we unrolled the posters, it turned out they’re too big for the frames. Now, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let good frames go to waste, and despite being the least co-ordinated and crafty person ever, I decided to get creative!

So, £45 worth of photos printed, a full glue stick and lots of help from D later – look what I made! (Okay, fine, look what I picked and glued the photos for and D did pretty much everything else…)

11221947_10153425442462295_6164256931731891113_n 11755700_10153428215552295_9066189156178398906_n

I am so thrilled with how they’ve turned out. The pictures capture her personality perfectly, and even better, all of our friends and family are in them with her. It’s just a lovely way to look back on the last fifteen months. Hopefully, as our family gets older and grows by a member or two, we’ll edit the frames, adding pictures in, and make new frames too, but for now these two look absolutely gorgeous on the wall and make me smile whenever I see them!

It may not quite be the Pinterest-esque seascape in a jam jar, or handmade Tibetan prayer flags (not even joking; I searched for ‘Pinterest parent crafts’ and those were two of the first search results!), but maybe, just maybe, I won’t be the total arts and crafts failure I’m expecting myself to be.

If you’re in the UK, catch ‘Baby Faced Mums’, Mondays on Channel 5*, starting tomorrow at 8pm! I’m not sure when the episode with us is on, but I can’t wait to watch the series! 


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