Top Five Tips for Toddler Staycations

We’ve just been away for a week to Trecco Bay Holiday Park in Porthcawl, South Wales. Here’s our top five tips for a UK break with your little one!

1. Be prepared for any weather! The weather forecast for our week away promised beautiful blue skies and glorious sunshine all week. Of course, SB’s suitcase was packed with pretty sun dresses, cute playsuits and rompers and plenty of suncream. On the second day of the holiday, the rain started, and didn’t stop until the day before we left! Thankfully we remembered to also pack her raincoat, a few long-sleeved tops and trousers and plenty of socks! At least the shades got some use…


2. Don’t let the bad weather stop you. It’s the UK – of course there will be rain, what do you expect? The trick is to either plan activities accordingly – or say what the heck and have fun in all weathers. We went for the second option – here’s SB and I, building her first sandcastle on a very wet and rainy Barry Island beach!


3. Fit in some firsts! So it may not be their first plane trip, or their first foreign holiday, but you can fit in some really exciting ‘firsts’ on a UK holiday too! Some memorable ones for us include SB’s first ice cream she’s had all to herself, her first sandcastles and her first donkey ride!


4. Go with the flow. On previous holidays before having SB, we’ve always been very rigid with our plans – daytrips are planned religiously beforehand and everyone knows exactly what they’re doing and when. This holiday has been much more chilled – out of necessity more than anything! – and we’ve had a really great time because of it. We relaxed SB’s bedtime a little, did meals as and when she wanted them and weren’t afraid to delay or change plans if necessary, and everything ran like clockwork.


5. Make sure activities are baby-friendly. We went on holiday with my parents, brother and sister and my nan, so the activities we did had to cover an age range between 1-85. You’ll never please everybody, so for certain activities, we went off and did our own thing – they went to Oakwood theme park for the day, whereas D, SB and I took a drive into the beautiful town of Porthcawl and had fish and chips and ice cream. It’s all about adapting the holiday to suit you as a family.


BONUS TIP: Make Memories!

Some of the most amazing memories I have are of holidays. We’ve been going on holiday in the UK since I was four – I turned 21 on holiday so that’s a lot of memories made on holidays over the years! The one thing I was determined to do was to take lots of pictures, so that SB will have memories of holidays from before she’s even really old enough to remember it.

DSC_0102 2 8 DSC_0055 DSC_0080


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