Toothbrush Success!

In my last post I talked about the difficulties we’ve been having with getting SB to accept having her teeth brushed. We’ve been brushing them since the first little nib popped out, and by and large she accepted it pretty well – and then, a couple of weeks ago, started resolutely refusing to let a toothbrush anywhere near her mouth. This was the toothbrush we’d been given by the health visitor at her eight month check, so I was at a loss as to what sort of toothbrush might work better.

I ordered two (gave up on the chewy finger brushes as I knew I’d just end up getting my fingers gnawed to pieces) – this Sharky brush from Dental Aesthetics, and this Banana Brush. Knowing how much SB loves bananas, we decided this would be the best one to start with. The change was instantaneous – not only was she happy for us to brush her teeth, she was quite happy to chew on the brush herself, rubbing the bristles on her teeth. Job done!

It’s intended for babies up to 12 months, so it’s a temporary measure to get her used to the brush and holding it herself. We’ll probably move on to the Sharky brush afterwards, because it’s more of a conventional shape and probably more age appropriate, but still chewable and with a bit of a novelty twist to keep her attention, before re-introducing the normal toothbrush. For now, though, I can highly recommend the banana toothbrush with a blob of toothpaste for anyone struggling to encourage their baby/young toddler to accept a toothbrush in their mouth!


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