14 Month Update!

I say this every. single. month but HOW ARE WE AT 14 MONTHS?

My baby is a bona fide toddler, now that we have first steps, shaky walking and standing unaided for as long as she can be bothered to. She’ll babble and chat to us like there’s no tomorrow and loves nothing more than ‘reading’ her books and giving us kisses on the cheek (complete with ‘mwah’ sounds!).


She is now the proud owner of more teeth than I can count without getting bitten, including several molars. She was quite grumpy when the big teeth were popping through, but she’s got so many of them in one go that hopefully the grumpy stage won’t last too long (fingers crossed).

Eating… well, she still eats everything we put in front of her and whinges for more. She has discovered a new love for banana, which is her favourite thing at the moment, but anything will do. She had her first proper pudding this month; a bowl of apple crumble and ice cream, which she really enjoyed!

And yep, this child is now scarily mobile. She’s not very steady on her feet, but we’ve finally, after about a year of trying (or what feels like it), got first steps! She crawls at lightning speed and doesn’t like sitting still for long, so cuddles are somewhat thin on the ground.

We’ve started going swimming every Sunday, and her face is a picture! The second her toes touch the water in the pool, she pulls a little shocked face and says ‘Oooh’ repeatedly! She made a little friend in the pool last week, an 11-month old boy who waved back at her, and they spent some time babbling to each other from their respective floaty seats! It’s lovely to see her being so sociable.



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