Everything’s changing…

Apologies for the quiet spell – everything around me has suddenly changed, and when I come home in the evenings, as soon as SB is asleep, I’m crashed out on the sofa. Now that it’s the weekend, I can post a quick update!

With the exception of the one essay I’ll be handing in on Monday (if I can get the damn thing finished), university is done! That’s it, I’m officially no longer a student mother. It’s the end of an era, but it hasn’t really sank in yet. I still think of myself as a student, I think – so now that’s gone, I’m left wondering who I am. I’m ‘just’ a mum, right? Or still a young mum, technically, but that student part of my life is officially finished with.

And I now work! I have a job, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s not what I did my degree in, but it’s a job with the potential to become a career, and I get to talk, which is really what I do best (getting me to shut up is the hard part). It’s a lovely place to work, it’s a supportive, friendly environment, and I’ve only just started my training yet I already feel part of it. It’s exciting, but the long hours mean I’ve had little time to blog in the evenings!

We’re all having to adjust. SB will be finishing nursery for the summer soon, and then D is taking on my role from last year, and will be taking care of her while I work. I know a lot of people are taking the summer off, with maybe a part time job to bring in a little extra cash, but for me, it was easier to just get right back into it. I finished university last Saturday, and started work on Monday – I didn’t want to get used to doing nothing, only to suddenly throw myself into work and it be a shock to the system. The job came up at such a great time, and now we’re in a really good position.

I do want to turn this blog into more of a guide on surviving as a student parent (especially now that we’ve done it and all), so that will be coming soon, along with more of my series of posts on what it’s like to find out that you’re pregnant at 19. These will be few and far between, because after seven and a half hours of typing all day, the last thing I want to do is come home and be glued to my laptop, but I do enjoy writing them, so hopefully we’ll have posts coming fairly regularly.

Thanks for sticking with the blog, this journey has been such a long one, and I can’t wait to look back at where I was eighteen months ago, with the uncertainty and questioning whether I’d finish second year, let alone graduate, and now thinking to where I am today. It’s been absolutely crazy, too stressful for words, but rewarding beyond belief – and now here I am, straight into the world of work.

If there’s one thing you cannot say, it’s that young mums lack work ethic.


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