Right now, we’re loving..

we're loving

Decided to try something new on the blog – a round-up of the products, places and people we’re loving at the moment!

Mummy is loving…

  • Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. Stress, lack of sleep and the make-up I use to cover up that lack of sleep can only mean one thing – SO MANY SPOTS. Most make-up wipes leave my skin looking red raw, and cleansers feel oily and thick – this micellar water is the best of both worlds; removing my make-up and keeping my skin feeling great. There’s no smell to it at all, so no nasty chemicals, and Simple is a brand I love anyway.
  • Primark. I’ve had to get some smart clothes for job interviews lately, and Primark has been a godsend, with a collection of clothes that are perfect. Their collared jumpers are my particular favourite, but I was able to go in today and pick up a capsule wardrobe of smart workwear for so much less than it would have been elsewhere.
  • Annie. We watched this film earlier (the remake of the classic musical), and I was expecting to feel a bit ‘meh’ about it – after all, musical remakes can be hit and miss, can’t they? But this film is brilliant! Feel-good, very funny, well-acted and Cameron Diaz is an excellent Miss Hannigan. Well worth watching!
  • Carte D’Or Eton Mess. Wow. All I’m going to say is WOW.

SB is loving…

  • Her SmarTrike. She got it for her birthday and loves it, we’ve taken it out once or twice but she had a whale of a time being pushed around the flat on it yesterday! We got ours from Toys R Us, it’s definitely worth it and great as a first birthday present! The steering is so light and easy, it looks comfortable and safe, and has great storage bags for parents!
  • Raspberries. It’s the ultimate quest, trying to find a fruit that’s small but not a choking hazard, easy for a baby to handle and feed themselves, AND that they’ll enjoy! We’ve gone through blueberries with no success, strawberries with limited success and bigger fruits with success but so much faff. Raspberries are the way forwards! SB absolutely loves them!
  • In The Night Garden. Iggle Piggle is back with a vengeance and SB is loving it! Mummy and Daddy… not loving it so much…
  • Stacking Cups. Now that she’s mastered the stacking rings, she’s taken on her next challenge – cups!



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