Dissertation Done!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – I thought, once my dissertation was over, that I’d finally get a chance to relax a little bit, spend some time with SB and D and some time alone too.

I should’ve known better.

The problem is, I’m a glutton for punishment. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a TV company making a programme about young mums. A couple of interviews later, and we had a TV crew coming down to follow us for a couple of days. It was fun, but obviously when you have cameras around you, people are naturally curious, and it got so tiring, explaining to people what was happening.

The Friday they were with us was the deadline for my dissertation. I thought I was all ready, until a final proofread the night before, when I realised that half the data charts I’d made, hadn’t actually saved. Cue a desperate rush to make them again the next morning, while simultaneously straightening my hair, making SB’s breakfast and trying to eat my own breakfast, all while talking to the cameras.

Still, it’s finally handed in! It’s been a long time in the making, but I felt so proud to have that dissertation, printed and spiral-bound and there in my hands, and being able to hand it over to the undergraduate office felt like a momentous occasion (I’m glad the TV crew were there to capture it!). It was quite emotional for me, as looking back at all the challenges we’ve come through to get that dissertation submitted, but I am proud of myself, and couldn’t have done it without D’s help. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope for a good grade.

Of course, I’ve never been one to just kick back and bask in my pride – I volunteered to be stage manager for the Showcase performance on my course in a couple of weeks. Little did I know this would involve co-ordinating a massive technical effort, with more deadlines than I can count, and various team members dipping in and out, so that’s a bit of a nightmare right now. Honestly, I wish I could just take the next two weeks as time to spend with SB and D – that’s all I want to do. I’ve got one more essay to write, and although it shouldn’t be difficult, it will be long, so that’s weighing on my mind.

Anyway, that’s why updates have been super sparse the last couple of weeks, but it’s coming to an end soon, and a new venture possibly awaits! I’m currently going through the application process for what looks like an amazing job, and really hoping I get it!

Yesterday SB had her jabs (MMR, pneumonia and another I can’t remember), and in typical SB style, nothing ever goes smoothly. She was a little trooper; the nurse suggested I hold her chest to chest, and it worked really well, meaning she couldn’t wriggle away easily. She screamed when the jabs went in, and was obviously upset by the pain, but all it took was a little distraction to calm her down.

That distraction came in the form of the pneumonia jab. As it went into her leg, she jerked away, I grabbed her to stop her flying off my lap, and the nurse’s hand moved, jabbing me with the needle too. I’m pro-vaccination and would never put a baby at risk of serious illness for the sake of a little pain, but OUCH! Poor babies! Those things are really bloody sharp! The nurse was mortified, I just found it funny and thought I’d maybe just felt the tip through my jacket until I rolled my sleeve up and saw some blood. Then SB was handed straight over to Daddy, and I scrubbed my arm with Hibiscrub (my skin HATES hibiscrub, the rash was more uncomfortable than the jab!) under the nurse’s orders. In all the kaffuffle, SB had totally calmed down and although she was a little hiccupy, she was her usual chattery self, enjoying a cuddle with her daddy. We didn’t even have to endure the miserable ten minutes sat in the waiting room to make sure she was alright – by the time all the needlestick paperwork had been filled out, and they’d double-checked I didn’t want any screening done to make sure nothing had been passed on (I trust SB not to have hepatitis at her age!), we were free to go!

I was in awe of how well SB coped. She was a little warm and a little under the weather, so we didn’t take her into nursery until late, but she never once complained or whined about it, she was such a big brave girl! That’s her last jabs now until her pre-school boosters – now those ones will be interesting. I remember my own pre-school jabs, and how terrified I was as I knew exactly what going into that building meant. It may not win me any awards for Parent Of The Year, but I get the feeling that’s when bribery with Milkybar Buttons will come into its own and get us through.

For now, all she needs is a cuddle with dadda and seeing mama in pain and she’s absolutely fine.




One thought on “Dissertation Done!

  1. Caro | The Twinkles Momma says:

    Blimey — you have been busy! Congratulations on getting your dissertation finished! I remember being like a bear with a sore head when I was writing mine. I bet you feel immensely relieved to have it finished and handed in. Can’t believe you got stabbed by the nurse – you just couldn’t make it up could you! Hilarious! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


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