Stop the world, I want to get off!


This was my TimeHop this morning; showing just how quickly this last year has gone. It’s nine days until SB’s first birthday, and I’m finding it absolutely dizzying just how quickly it’s all gone. Thinking about where I was last year, compared to where I am now, is just mad.

This time a year ago I was 36 weeks pregnant, and struggling with just about everything pregnancy had to throw at me. I was puffy and swollen, feeling absolutely humongous, unable to walk very far, getting grumpy with everyone, packing and re-packing my hospital bag just in case, trying desperately to get everything in our new place unpacked before the baby arrived (failed miserably, as we’re still sorting things out now).

I thought I had four weeks left – little did I know SB would be arriving in just nine days time! And now look at her! This was her earlier, fast asleep on her daddy. I can’t even comprehend how much life can change. I’ve put together a little project for her birthday, showing just how much she’s changed in a year, and I’ll be sharing it on the blog and on Facebook on or around the 10th. We’ve been busy, birthday planning and trying to finish essays and dissertations at the same time.

I’m not going to try and predict what life will be like in a year’s time. I know how I’d like it to be, but you never know – life throws things at you sometimes that, although you’re not prepared for them, they make your life more wonderful, exciting and adventurous than you can ever imagine. If someone offered me the chance to see what my life would be like without SB, I’d say ‘thanks but no thanks’. I don’t need to see it – I already know that no other life could compare to what I’ve got already.

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2 thoughts on “Stop the world, I want to get off!

  1. Mums Space says:

    Aww such a lovely post, it is incredible how much can change in just a year. I never thought in a year we would loose a baby and now about to have another! #mummymonday


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