11 Month Update!


No no no no no no no.

I refuse to believe that we’re at 11 months already (or, at least, we will be tomorrow). I absolutely refuse to believe that my daughter will be a year old in a month’s time. How have twelve months gone by so quickly? I sometimes check my TimeHop and a lot of it is moaning about the later stages of pregnancy, all tired and miserable and mostly-manatee. How could I imagine, at the time, that in a year I’d have a crazy, unstoppable 11 month old daughter, amazing me every day with the things she can do.

So where’s she at? There’s a lot to update!


SB claps like a pro now, and does it on demand – all we have to say is ‘yaaaay!’ and she starts applauding. It’s a similar story for waving – if we wave at her, or say ‘hello’, she’ll start waving her little hands at us. If she’s really excited, both hands go at the same time, which is adorable! She’s also learned to blow kisses, which is just the cutest thing EVER!

Walking-wise, I feel like we’re still at the same stage we were at last month – she loves to totter about, holding our hands, or cruising the furniture on anything she can. She crawls at a rate of knots but still seems a little too wary of walking/standing on her own just yet, which is surprising considering how adventurous she is. She’ll get there eventually though!

We’re getting further with talking. She loves babbling, and all we hear all day is dadadadadada, but we’re starting to get closer to more words. We’ve already had ‘Hi-ya’ once or twice, we just keep working at it.



With the exception of a couple of bottles a day, SB is pretty much weaned. We’ve said goodbye to powders and pouches of food – she eats what we eat now, and the transition was really easy for us. She loves sandwiches – although she has a habit of tearing them apart and smooshing one half over her face while she eats the other half.

She still has little weaning biscuits etc from the baby aisle, but those are just as snacks – everything she has, generally speaking, is what we eat. She loves beans on toast, and sausage and mash – I’m so excited to try more tastes with her. After a rocky start, I feel like we’ve finally got the hang of weaning, and she’s a little pro when it comes to finger foods. We went out to a pub for a meal the other day, and rather than having to take bags of snacks and sandwiches and pouches with us, we just ordered her fish fingers, mash and beans with jelly and ice cream for pudding, and she had a really good go at it!


Very proud of her carrots!


Demolishing birthday cake!

It’s been ages since she was last weighed, so I have no idea what her weight is now, but she seems really long when we hold her, and has a lovely weight to her – if I had to place her somewhere, I’d say she’s between 25th and 50th centiles, as she’s a little dot but just perfect in our eyes. She’s still in 6-9 month clothes (she wore 3-6 month trousers by accident yesterday which fit), but she’s healthy and happy and moves so much it’s no wonder she’s burning it all off!

This month has been a really busy month for her – an adventure to the zoo, lots of busy days at nursery, coming to see my dissertation performance, lots of new tastes and textures in food, her first time at the park, her first ‘date’ (a meal with a friend’s sister’s baby), a parade and much more! She’s taking it all in her stride – even when she gets overwhelmed, she never stops smiling! This month we’ve had more comments on her sunny nature than ever – but now, they’re usually accompanied by a warning of ‘Just wait until she’s two!’.

Those Terrible Twos can wait, thank you very much – I’m enjoying every second of my baby still being a baby. Next month, she turns one, and we enter the world of parenting a toddler.

I’m already terrified.



3 thoughts on “11 Month Update!

  1. Alice & Amelia (@newyoungmum) says:

    Hate to break it to you but the terrible two’s came SO early for us. Amelia’s tempers started at about 13months lol…eek!!! But thats just the nature of her personality. So much easier when they eat what you eat too. I never did jars or pouches all homemade with Amelia and think that helped us but it makes life easier to just cook all together! Thanks for linking up and hope to see you again tomorrow! #MummyMonday xx


    • The Speed Bump says:

      We’ve had a tantrum or two so far and I do not like it haha! I wanted to do all home made but went back to uni when she was 5 months, so ive had no time. So much easier now we’ve got a bit more time and she just eats what we eat!
      Thanks for the linky x


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