10 Months Old…

Oh my goodness. In two months’ time my tiny human will be a year old. It will be one whole year since I became a mum, and my itsy bitsy teeny weeny innocent baby will become an EVIL toddler on the rampage (she’s started practising for this already).

How crazy to think SB’s gone from this –


To this –


In terms of development, I can’t believe the difference. She’s cruising around the furniture like a pro and looks about ready to stand by herself (although she’s more interested in walking, so I think she’ll be faceplanting the floor a lot over the next few months). She’s finally PROPER crawling, rather than shuffling around on her belly like a little slug, nope – she crawls, and boy, when she gets going, there’s no stopping her.

She’s developed an interesting skill that goes hand in hand with her new-found crawling abilities; and that’s the ability to ABSOLUTELY IGNORE ANYTHING WE SAY. So if she’s crawling towards off-limits areas like the radiator, the kitchen, or anywhere that isn’t her play-space, we’ll call her back.

In one ear and out the other.

So we call her again, and nope, she’s just zooming off.

At this point we get up and start to follow her, because it’s kind of obvious that this girl turns around for no man (or woman). We call her name again.

She finally turns around. And I swear to god, the most EVIL grin you have ever seen appears on this angelic little face. She knows exactly why we’re calling her. She knows she’s not allowed to crawl that way. She understands what her name means, and she definitely understands ‘No’. She just chooses to ignore it. And of course, when she flashes us that grin, we can’t stay angry at her. So she’s getting a more in-depth exploration of the house. And the house is getting a VERY deep clean as a result.

Something weird has happened. To begin with, I was a total wreck, as some of my earlier posts on the blog will show. I freaked out at the slightest cough, sniffle or puke. The first time SB hurt herself, I sobbed. It wasn’t even my fault and yet the guilt I felt at not being able to help was massive. The guilt when  I actually did hurt her – catching the tip of her thumb in the nail clippers and causing a nasty pinch – was on another level entirely.

These days, it’s just so commonplace for her to do something daft that I can deal with it like a pro. When she’s cruising, she sometimes gets a little too cocky and just lets go and topples backwards. There’s a little routine of checking her ears to make sure there’s no clear fluid coming out, then giving her a big kiss, calling her a silly pickle and dancing with her until she stops crying. It seems to work pretty well – if we panic, she panics too and it makes it worse, so keeping calm really is the best method.

Her personality is so vibrant and obvious in everything she does – just now, she was having cuddles with D and accidentally smacked him in the face with Sophie the Giraffe. She then looked from D, to Sophie, and smacked him three more times for good measure, beaming this mischievous grin the whole time. I’ve never seen her smile so much as when she’s walking along holding onto our hands; she gets so excited about being on the move. She’ll sit and chat and babble to her toys, and sometimes seems to get angry at them – there’s so much grown up emotion in her little expressions!

She went to a little toddler playground for the very first time the other day, all wrapped up warm – it had started out as a beautiful day, but by the time we got to the park, the fog had rolled in.

It’s still really hard to associate myself as the mum of a 10-month-old. It’s like, just as soon as I’d gotten used to the idea of being a mum to a newborn, suddenly she was six months old, and every time I adjust to a new stage, she moves up to the next one!

In terms of food, she’s doing great with finger foods. Biscotti, rice cakes and rusks disappear in seconds. She loves toast, and we’re going to start her with little sandwiches soon too. She quite often has yoghurt as a snack, but the biggest jump is at nursery – she has proper food there now, sitting in a bumbo chair with the other older babies. A couple of weeks ago she was being given a muffin, and the nursery worker left it on the tray to get a knife to cut it. She got back to find that our dainty, delicate little girl had SMUSHED THE ENTIRE MUFFIN INTO HER FACE and was trying to eat it whole – so the nursery worker left her to it. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so proud of her as I was of that!

I’ve been a lot more reflective today than I have been in recent months. I think now that we’re in double figures of months, it’s getting closer and closer to being able to say I have a toddler, and the pregnancy and those hazy newborn days are a distant memory. People have started asking about first birthday parties and how we feel about the fact that she’ll be toddling about soon, and although I’m excited for it (and a little nervous about all the challenges it will bring), there’s a part of me that feels a little pang of sadness that we’re leaving the newborn days behind.

Still, the last couple of months have been my favourite stage so far. I feel like we’re actually raising a tiny human now. She takes in everything we do and say, and we can see that what we teach her is actually sinking in. I love my little girl for bits, and I’m not sure when the change happened, but these days, when I look in the mirror I see a tired, not-so-glamorous but totally confident mum.


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