The Nursery

Making the most of the fact that I’m currently laid low on the sofa on painkillers to get some blogging done.

Now that SB is approaching her first birthday (um, WHAT? When did that happen?) we’ve started thinking about putting her into her own room. I know we’re a little later than most families in making this step, but there’s a few reasons why we’re still in the same room together.

The first is that the room designated as the nursery currently houses all of our clothes, and a tumble dryer, and various other bits and pieces we need to sort through before it’s ready. The second is that we just don’t want her out of our room yet – I love being able to watch her sleep from the bed, and even though she’ll only be next door, it seems like such a massive step. I feel like the couple of weeks around her first birthday will be the right time to start moving her into her own room, and it’ll give us time to get her room sorted.

I don’t know if you remember, but while I was pregnant, I spoke several times about not going by gender stereotypes, so nothing being exclusively pink. That went out of the window when I realised that, regardless of sex, babies look absolutely adorable in pink, and so much of SB’s nursery will be pink (seriously, it’s a great colour). One of our biggest tasks is stripping the two wardrobes and chests of drawers in there, touching up the white, and then adding some pink accents onto them. They’re from my childhood bedroom, so at the moment they’re covered in random stickers I acquired from magazines etc. To spruce them up a little and make them look like they appear in a baby’s bedroom, we’ll be painting them white, with some pink waves along the bottom, and these pink star stickers I bought.

As other decorations, we have a beautiful owl mobile hanging from the ceiling that one of SB’s godmothers made for her, and then we ordered this beautiful name bunting (but with stars rather than flowers), from ‘Teeny Beanies’ through Not On The High Street. I’m on the lookout for more little pink decorations to go in her room, I think the distraction of finding and buying things is helping to ease the fact that she’ll be in her own room so soon!

Once the room is all done and ready (probably looking towards end of March/beginning of April for this), I’ll do a post with pictures and more information of where the decorations come from and any nursery-decorating tips we’ve learned. In the meantime, if you have nursery tips, post them in the comments!


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