Nine Months Old

SB has officially been alive for longer than I was pregnant with her! I can’t believe she’s nine months old already (I know, I’ve said this every time she’s a month older), but this time it really does feel strange. In three months time, she’ll be turning one – my days with a tiny newborn seem so long ago, and toddlerhood is fast approaching – faster than I’d like!

SB is unstoppable now, crawling everywhere, but she’s at her happiest when she’s ‘walking’. She still needs to hold our hands at the moment, but we’re expecting her to be standing on her own any day now. The way she’s going, first steps won’t be too far behind. In some ways, I don’t feel ready to have a fully portable, walking, talking daughter, but I don’t find myself missing the days of squidgy newborns. I see pictures of newborn babies and ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and think aww, how cute – but I also think back to living in a constant haze of feeding every three hours, all through the night, and the baby having no way of communicating to us what she needs, when she needs it. Going out was a military operation with bottles, whereas now SB is mostly on solids, we can just stick a pouch in the bag and away we go.

We’re currently drowning in ‘stuff’. Most of this stuff is clothes – because SB is quite petite but long, we’re straddling three clothes sizes with her – 3-6 months, 6-9 months and just edging into 9-12 months without swamping her. However, as the 3-6 months clothes have (FINALLY) started to get a little too tight and a little too short, today I’ve bagged them all up and sorted out the clothes in the correct size for her. I’m off uni today as I’m poorly but I’ve managed to be a little bit productive at least, getting some clothes washing done (my washing machine is crying right now I think). The amount of laundry we do hasn’t really gone down noticably from when SB was a really tiny baby – I don’t know if that’s because she didn’t do many explosive poos when she was newborn, or because she’s such a messy eater.

Solids are going well! Last month I felt like I’d reached some kind of plateau with weaning; all we were doing was feeding her from pouches or packets and she wasn’t progressing onto thicker solids or finger foods much. This month I can report that she loves rusks and biscotti, and had scrambled egg and toast the other day. We’re feeling a lot more confident now, as we know what we should do in the event of a baby choking (I’ll post the video at the bottom of the post), and SB seems ready – she has two little teeth, with more starting to poke through, and she’s so eager to eat whatever we’re eating that we feel comfortable sharing things like sandwiches with her. What we really need to do now is to ensure that we’re eating proper meals, that she can then have bits of – at the moment, we have maybe one or two proper meals a week – the rest is processed or packet food, which we don’t really want SB having on a regular basis, or at all.

Development wise, we’re just on our way out of a leap, so we’re expecting to see another peak in her development like last time – overnight, she suddenly started sitting up and trying to stand. She’s about ready to start cruising on furniture, as she can stand up well when she’s supported, and she pulls herself up against objects if she can. She’s almost crawling on hands and knees rather than on her tummy, and we’re seeing the start of waving, so hopefully we’ll have waving, clapping and maybe even blowing kisses in a few weeks’ time!

We’ve started baby signing! We’re actually a little late starting, but I’ve ordered the books, and we’ll be teaching her BSL. Apparently it’s more important in bilingual children, so as we’ll be raising SB speaking both English and Welsh, we’re combining the words she’s sort-of grasped so far – ‘mama’, ‘dada’ etc – with the signs for them. We’re not expecting to see her actually pick them up for a looong time, but there’s no harm in starting now!

So that’s our big development update for nine months. I quite like doing these, even if no-one reads them, because it’s great to look back at the first few months and see how different she is and how much she’s developed each month. For the last few updates I’ve accompanied it with a picture, so here’s the nine-month picture of SB, showing off her usual cheeky grin!



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