If colic was hell, teething is purgatory…

We’re currently dealing with a baby who, as well as having the tail end of this six-week-long cough and cold, is now teething. We’re yet to see any cute little tooth buds erupting from those sore, swollen gums of hers, but it can’t be too far away now. We’ve got constant dribble, red cheeks and EVERYTHING has to go in her mouth – and I mean everything.

She has a few water-filled teethers, which help for a few minutes at a time, and Sophie The Giraffe is good until she gets bored of chewing on her and throws her away, but the one thing we’ve found that has really helped her so far is blocks of cucumber. We weren’t planning on giving her too many finger foods – more because of my own selfish nervousness than anything! – but lately, everything we’ve had on our plates, she’s wanted a taste of. So, as well as having various purees and porridges, so far she’s also tasted cocktail sausage, pineapple, melon sticks (she loves melon sticks!), cucumber, toast, baby biscotti (not a massive hit), ice cream, chocolate gateux and milky bar buttons. Now see, I’ve been trying to feed her healthy things, but when other people get involved, the junk food comes out (although I can’t see the harm in a little bit of chocolate at her age!)

Some nights have been terrible, and she’s really screamed with her teeth. Other nights, she’s been fine, perfectly happy and giggling and like her usual self. It’s impossible to predict how she’ll be on any given day, and I do worry that it’s all going to escalate when that first tooth cuts through, so I can’t really say that we’re finding teething a breeze… but it’s a million times better than those heady early days of a screaming, colicky, constipated baby.

I do find I’m enjoying this stage a lot more. SB is sitting up on her own, looks like she wants to crawl, she’s constantly reaching for our faces, babbling to us, blowing raspberries. It feels like having a little companion, rather than someone who relies on me for everything (even though, of course, she still does). I miss having my teeny tiny little newborn who was sooo small, but I love the companionship and even if the conversation is still a little one-sided, I can still pretend I know what she’s talking about when she’s babbling away to me. She rocks in her little car, and loves cuddling up to her teddies, and she really does snuggle into us now when we hold her. She likes being close to us and being around us, so I think I’m definitely enjoying the 6-months-plus stage more than I did the newborn months.


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