The Naming Ceremony

On Saturday we held SB’s naming ceremony. When I call it a ‘ceremony’, it was really more of a naming day – there was no officiant or celebrant (we looked into it, but it’s horrendously expensive), but we booked a village hall, provided a buffet and made a couple of toasts and said a few words, but mainly it was a day for families on both sides, and a few friends, to get together. Some people were meeting her for the first time, but mainly it was just a celebration, a day to welcome her into our family.

The planning has been stressful to the point that I’ve decided D and I are going to elope, because if I have this much stress over how many bastarding cheese sandwiches to make (for future reference, ham is the most popular choice), how the hell am I going to plan a sit-down meal and a disco with a buffet and whatever else you’re supposed to have at weddings. A Spotify playlist, more than two hundred sausage rolls and cheese, pineapple and hula hoop cocktail sticks are about as far as my skills stretch. So either we elope or we hire a wedding planner who does everything for us.

I’m also not great at off-the-cuff speeches. We’d thought about doing a reading, something out of Dr Seuss, but in the end we knew we wouldn’t enjoy the day with the thought of that looming over us, so we decided to simply thank everyone for coming, thank her godparents, and raise a toast. It was simple, but I think it worked well. Of course there were stresses on the day, but let’s face it – would it really be a party if there wasn’t any stress? Between us D and I managed to have a full meal – he had a plate of the savoury stuff and I had a plate of dessert – and we’ll be eating cake for the forseeable future, but as it is, I think the day went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy, everyone survived, and SB looked absolutely beautiful.

Although my “dreams” of one day being an event planner have gone out of the window. Forget air traffic control and the police; now that is a high-stress job. All those freaking sausage rolls.

I do have a lot of pictures of SB with various people throughout the day yesterday, but just because I don’t want people to shout at me for putting pictures of them on my blog, instead, enjoy one of the morning after the night before – for a girl who seems to dislike hats, she seems pretty happy with this one…



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