Parenthood: Great for the soul, not great for blogging.

Well, as  a blogging topic, I think it’s pretty great. And of course, it is absolutely wonderful – the best feeling in the world is when SB does something totally normal and yet it seems like the most impressive thing in the world – this morning it was a sneeze, which somehow was better than all the other sneezes she’s done. This afternoon it was an ordinary hiccup, but that ordinary hiccup seemed like the most adorable thing in the world, and I found myself falling even more in love with her. 

Obviously it’s not really conducive to regular blogging, which is why my posts aren’t frequent, but you’ll have to forgive me – I’m busy discovering all the amazing things my daughter is capable of. So I hope you’ll excuse this brief update, because I have a picture of our lovely little lady at 5 weeks old. 



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